Three Reasons to Get a Family Dog


Today is our family dog’s 7th birthday. She is a Siberian Husky and although she moves a little slower these days, she still musters up the strength for a good round of chase with our 6-year-old in the backyard every evening. As I ran the vacuum for the third time today (Husky owners, I know you get this), I couldn’t help but think how much fuller Bronx has made our vacuum bag and our lives these past 7 years. So it’s only natural that when I sat down to write this blog, I couldn’t help but think of all the reasons I love having a dog.


So without further ado, here are my top three reasons all families should have a dog.


When we first brought Bronx home to live, my husband was working the night shift. I was all alone in a new city in a new home and it was a little unsettling. I was extra aware of every creak and groan our old house made, and I really struggled being alone at night. It wasn’t long before I realized how much better the nights were with my four-legged companion by my side. I lost count of the number of nights I let the dog in our room to sleep at the foot of the bed. Having her there allowed me to relax and have peace of mind knowing she would hear any danger long before me. It made me feel comforted and not so alone in this new home.


Having a very active dog breed like a Husky forced us to find new fields, parks, dog parks and woods to explore every weekend. She kept us active and gave us a reason to explore our new city. If we wanted any rest in the evenings, we had to make sure to wear her out during the day. We found amazing places we still frequent today and we also met some of our best friends at the dog park. Once our daughter came along, we were able to take both of them all over the city, and still do almost every weekend. Our outdoor adventures together have been life-changing for all of us!


There is truly nothing better than the love you receive from a dog. The minute you walk in the door at my house there is no doubt you are loved. There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend. Even if I’ve been gone for only five minutes, she’s excited to see me walk through the door. Don’t we all need someone to act like they’ve won the lotto every time they see us? Whether we are sad, happy, exhausted, or frustrated, none of it matters when we go to pet Bronx. She loves us just as we are, no strings attached.

A year after we brought home Bronx, we welcomed our daughter. They virtually grew up together, so they have been best friends since day one. The bond they have is one that would be hard to break. It’s taught both of them patience, love, understanding and kindness. Bringing a dog into our family has been the best decision we ever made. If you are thinking about it, and willing and able to put in the work and time required, my advice would always be to get a dog!