Oversee Oversights {Observations from Distance Learning}


With the advent of distance learning, guardians have a unique opportunity of peering into the everyday goings-on of each classroom. Never before has there been such an amount of oversight available. Every utterance and transcription can be overseen or heard by anyone. 

In one year of distance learning, I’ve experienced an onslaught of heteronormative behavior over many grade levels and disciplines.

distance learning

What was originally treated as whack-a-mole has blossomed into greater conversations with building and district staff. What is being done to educate our educators about inclusion and acceptance for our youth? 

“Boys and girls” is not inclusive. When addressing a group of students, there are many options without including gender, like everyone, everybody, y’all, class, students, or insert-mascot-here. 

S/He doesn’t cover all the options. Recognizing the use of multiple genders still falls short for anyone not identifying as either. He or she diminishes intersex and non-binary individuals.

Question separation by gender. If wanting to merely divide a group of students, pick something more neutral like an even/odd student ID number or birth month. 

We can hold space for people even when we are not the ones being marginalized. I ask my child each time logging in if they want to identify as He/Him that day. I want to continue the conversation about choices and self-discovery.