Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day


Grandparents Day is celebrated every year in September, but it isn’t super widely known. It’s celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day every year; so, this year it is celebrated on Sept. 11, 2022. Mothers and fathers get a day where companies have entire marketing campaigns planned out. Why not for grandparents? Celebrate grandparents and all that they do for you and your kids.

Some grandparents step up and raise their grandchildren, taking care of them every day. Some grandparents watch their grandkids every day so parents can work and provide. Some grandparents spoil their grandchildren any chance they get. Whatever the grandparents do for their grandkids, they should be celebrated! Here are some great ways to let them know you and your little ones appreciate them.


Make a Card

Have your child make a card or draw a picture showing their appreciation. If your child can write, have them express what they like doing most with their grandparent. Grab markers, crayons, even glitter (if you are that brave!) and let your little artists create a masterpiece.

Take Them To or Make Them a Dinner

Give the grandparents a night off from cooking and another chance to see the grandkids (we all know that they like them best anyways) and make them some of their favorite foods. Or have the kids help cook and let the outcome be a surprise. Grandparents will enjoy anything they create, even if it’s covered in sprinkles and involves all of the food groups in one dish!

Plan a Fun Day With the Kids and Invite Them

Most grandparents want any excuse to see the grandkids. Plan a day at the park or a local museum and let the grandparents tag along. They will forever cherish the memories and you have an extra set of hands, which is always a good thing!

However you choose to celebrate, your child(ren)’s grandparents will be grateful. They love this next chapter of their lives and deserve to be recognized for enriching our children’s lives.