Buy Nothing {More Than Just Free Stuff}


There are so many groups on Facebook. But there’s one that if you haven’t joined yet, you’re missing out! Have you found your local “Buy Nothing” group yet?

A neighbor invited me to join the group for my city. I won’t lie, I was a little unsure at first. People post unwanted items, and others in the group comment to claim them. Sometimes I felt like the items should have just been thrown away- occasionally they were broken or seemed like they were in pretty rough shape.

But as I kept following the posts in the Buy Nothing group, I realized everyone was just trying to save as much as possible from going to a landfill.

buy nothing

That was definitely an idea I could get behind! People even claimed items I didn’t see any value in, but they fixed them or repurposed them. It was so interesting to follow along!

I am a teacher and was able to get some amazing things for my classroom through the generous people in the group. I have also given away household items, clothes, toys and more. It is really nice to know that someone else wants what I no longer need. We’ve always liked to donate, but this seems more personal. I know my stuff is going to someone who definitely wants it.

I am amazed at what people give away in this group. I’ve seen people post full-size trampolines and expensive electronics. Others give away canned goods or other food they know they won’t use. Clothes and toys are popular gifts. But the sky’s the limit. There’s something for everyone!

I expected the free stuff. But what I did not expect, was the community that has formed.

In my group, members have met in person to help do yardwork for someone with cancer. They’ve formed cleanup groups at local parks. Members have donated much-needed items to others who are ill or have children with special needs.

You also get to know people in your city you may not have otherwise met. Some people post fun questions when giving away items to learn more about the others in the group. I’ve connected with people in the group who live in my very own neighborhood!

When you join your group, make sure to review the rules. There are various terms you’ll want to learn. It’s important to know how a recipient will be selected. Sometimes it goes to the first person to comment, other times a question will be asked and the giver will select the person who gives their favorite answer, other times a name is picked at random.

You don’t always have to wait to comment on something you’d like. People post asking for certain things, too. In my group, the admins will even post anonymous requests from people who may need some extra help with basic necessities, so no one feels embarrassed.

Even if you’re not sure, I highly recommend you at least take a look! You can find your local Buy Nothing group here.


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