Invite the Mom with All the Children {Bearing Her Burden}


I have realized over the past several years, as we have finished adding to our family after our fourth child, I often feel that I burden others when I go to functions with the whole fam in tow.

This is especially true when I am friends with fellow mommas who have more grown children or maybe only one to two children.


Now do not get me wrong, being a mom is hard. Whether you have one child or multiple, I praise all mommas that are just out there doing their best. I know the struggle is real.

However, there have been several times where I have had friends (who I know mean well) ask me how relieved I will be when all or most of my kiddos are in school and tell me that then I will be free to hang out or do lunch. At first, I felt a sense of excitement knowing I would maybe get some girl time back.

This did not last because soon I just started feeling like others view me bringing all four small children around as a burden. Now I know am biased, BUT I love my children. I feel they are overall amazing children and being around them is my favorite thing in the world.

So when I have fellow friends who welcome my whole crazy crew and don’t make us feel like a burden, this truly means the world to me.

Those are some of the best people. The ones who interact with my children, the ones who welcome the chaos and even help me with them! So if you are a momma who knows other mommas that have multiple small ones or that you sense may be struggling to find a spot that fits for her whole family, invite her. Invite her even if you know she may not show up or even if she seems busy and overwhelmed with all of her children. Invite her. Odds are, even if she cannot do the activity, she will feel the love.

But you may be surprised, she may just jump at the opportunity of being able to do something with her entire tribe and not feel like a burden.


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