Things I Would Buy Again {Three Pieces of Baby Gear You Need}


As a mother of three, I have had my favorites when it comes to baby gear. With an avalanche of choices, here are three things I would buy again.

baby gear

Baby Carriers

I barely (and badly) dipped my toes in the waters of babywearing with my first. I have a picture of me doing a terrible job and using both of my hands the whole time. Fast forward to my second and I realized I NEEDED to figure babywearing out. I found knowledgeable people who were able to fix my errors and it opened up my world. My number one BEST thing I ever did for any of my kids was competent babywearing. With YouTube videos, Facebook Groups, lending libraries and friends who’ve been there, babywearing is ready to be found. I encourage every caregiver to find a carrier they can love, and thankfully, there are lots of choices now, too.

Waterproof Pad (Instead of a Changing Table)

Living in a small apartment with my first I didn’t have room for a changing table. I purchased a waterproof piece of fabric and sandwiched it between a folded, large pool towel. Worked swimmingly. I used this method for all three kids living in three different places. I can easily change the towel if soiled, and it’s so transportable. I usually changed on my bed, but could quickly access on the couch or floor. The best part was at the end of diapers, there is no piece of furniture to repurpose or remove. Especially if you’re low on space or budget, I’d recommend rethinking the changing table.

Fabric Books

I loved fabric books for my young children. Many of them have textures or tactile things in a few pages. I loved the early practice with page-turning and didn’t feel scared about damaging paper books or the throwing of hardcover books. We even had a fabric book with slots for pictures. That was great to have pictures of our family as a personalized book. A fabric book is a toy must-have.

Taking care of tiny humans is hard enough without making endless choices of what to use. I hope these three suggestions can serve you well on your journey.


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