Guardian of the Appointment


Navigating appointments with kids is never a fun job. With three kids, I’ve gone back and forth over the years making combined or individual appointments. For their routine dental cleaning, we opt for the chaos of one visit.

I thought this is what I signed up for, as we arrived a few minutes early to my kids’ cleaning appointment.


We checked in from the car, came inside for our temperature checks, and were called back. That’s when they started to describe what chairs my kids were going to be in.

I replied, “No. We are all in one chair, swapping out.”

“That’s not how you were scheduled,” they claimed.

“I don’t know how you scheduled us, but I was never asked or explained before right now what the plan was. We have been clients for years and always stayed together.”

They went on to say their afternoon appointments would be comprised if we were seen the way I was describing. I was not rude but explained that wasn’t my concern. I am their guardian and their advocate. I want to give my attention to the child being seen. I thought about relenting and splitting my kids up. I asked what that would look like and considered it as an option. 

I thought we would leave and reschedule the joint appointment when they walked away to see what could be done. After a few moments, they returned and said we could be accommodated. 

I share this to encourage others to stand firm. Be polite but clear in what your expectations are and hold to reasonable ones. Your kids are counting on you and your courageous decisions. 


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