A Letter to My Daughter on Her 6th Birthday


Dear daughter,

Six years ago, you made me a mother. Before I got pregnant with you, I wasn’t even sure I could conceive, let alone actually have a child and be a parent. When we found out we were expecting you, it was a huge surprise. I was excited, but also nervous. I’d never really been around kids before; how could I know how to take care of you when you got here?

6th birthday

Nine months later, after a long labor that ended in you literally being pulled from me with forceps, you made your way into the world screaming like a banshee. You were big and healthy with the rosiest cheeks. We hadn’t decided 100% on a name, but as soon as we laid eyes on you, we knew you were Rose. 

Over the next few months, we got to know you through our bleary eyes.

Your first smile was magical. Right from the time you were born, you brought so many smiles and laughs. And suddenly, you were a whole year old. It was the longest, but also the quickest year I’d experienced. 

You learned to walk, run, and talk (and honestly, you haven’t stopped talking since). We kissed your boo-boos and delighted in your songs. And a few months after your third birthday, you became a big sister to a baby brother. You were so excited to have a baby in the house, and right from the beginning, you were such a gentle and caring sister. Watching the two of you play together as he has gotten older has been amazing. 

Photo by JLT Photography

Last year, you started kindergarten. Your first year of school was meant to be full of firsts. First time on the bus, first time you met your teacher. But instead, a global pandemic meant that you started kindergarten online and got to know Zoom really well. But even though I was sad that you missed out on what should have been a magical first year of school, you adapted wonderfully and took it in your stride. 

And now you are turning 6.

I should have known from how fast that first year with you went that time would keep slipping by without me noticing. You are a kind, goofy, funny kid who makes me happy and drives me crazy in equal measures. Now that you can read, my favorite thing is when you read me stories at bedtime. I can’t believe how grown-up you are when I look at you — surely you’re still a baby who I can cradle and rock to sleep. But instead, you’re a smart and independent big kid who loves her family and friends fiercely, constantly corrects people who get unicorns and alicorns confused, and asks to pet every single dog she sees. 

Happy 6th birthday, sweet girl. We love you so much and are so proud of you. 


Mama and Daddy