Celebrating Sweetest Day {The History Behind the Day}


Sweetest Day is always the third Saturday in October. It has a sweet story: a candy maker in Cleveland started the tradition in 1922, taking treats to orphans and others who he felt were usually forgotten. According to Hallmark, movie stars got involved in the 1930s and the idea spread.

Now, it seems like Sweetest Day is simply the Valentine’s Day of the fall. It’s all about cards, chocolate and flowers.

sweetest day

My husband, when we were dating and engaged, would always get me roses on Sweetest Day. I’d roll my eyes, thank him and give him a kiss. I told him to stop once we were married – no need to spend that money, right?

When Sweetest Day rolls around this year, I’m hoping he and I will be able to celebrate. But this time, it will be more about spending time together and helping others, not just the gifts.

I’d like to take Sweetest Day back to its roots. My goal for Sweetest Day is to volunteer this year with my husband. I’d like to give back to a group that is “forgotten,” like the holiday’s creator intended. Then, maybe we’ll go out for lunch or dinner and just spend time together, away from the kids.

Do you plan to celebrate Sweetest Day? If so, how will you celebrate?


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