Patriotic-Themed Activities for Kids


Matching shirts, food to grill, and fireworks to see. The 4th of July centers around cookouts, fireworks and family fun, but the fun can start before the 4th or even after with some easy, low-prep, patriotic kid activities to help them get in the spirit of all things red, white, and blue.


Sensory Bin

You know I love an easy sensory bin. They keep my daughter entertained for a long time, and she often asks to play with them daily for weeks (we just put the Easter bin away a few weeks ago, no shame!) Fill the bin with red, white, and blue pom-poms, buttons, shredded paper (a new favorite around here), and add some fun cups and scoops for pouring and sorting.

Go the extra mile and dye some beans, pasta or chickpeas in different colors. You can use vinegar and food coloring and shake inside a plastic bag and then spread on a paper towel or a cookie sheet to dry. While it takes time to make initially, if it’s stored properly, the dyed beans or pasta will keep for years to be used over and over again.

Fireworks Painting

Grab a toilet paper roll. If you aren’t saving some of these throughout the year, you are missing out because there are so many great uses for them when creating quick and cheap activities for kids. Cut one inch slits on one end of the roll all the way around and then press it against the table so that the cut pieces fan out. Squirt some paint in a bowl and let your child create fun fireworks on paper or cardboard.

Color Sorting

So much of the 4th of July centers around the iconic colors, red, white and blue, so now is a great time to work with your child on color recognition and sorting items. Grab anything you can find around the house: buttons, pom-poms, blocks, small toys (be aware of choking hazards if your child is under 3 or still puts things in their mouth). You can either use colored bowls or plain ones with colored construction paper taped inside. Also, you can just place colored paper on the table and have your child sort the items by color.

Washi Tape Flag

Another great art project is to get some fun washi tape or colored masking tape and have your child create a flag. Have the child tear-off strips of tape (or do this step for them if they are too young) and place them on paper, layering one strip above the previous one to create a striped flag pattern. Draw on stars or use star stickers to finish it off.

Spread the patriotic fun leading up to the 4th of July with easy activities that are great for all ages. These make great breaks from the heat, or even take the activities outside and enjoy the sunshine while you wait for the fireworks to begin.