National Gingerbread House Day {Dec. 12}


I absolutely love gingerbread houses! All the little details – the sugar snow and the gumdrop accents, the icing lattice and licorice windows. They’re just so adorable! I love going places that have houses created by professionals (or very, very good amateurs) on display! I take my time soaking up every little detail in awe.

This is one of the reasons every year that one of our holiday traditions is to make gingerbread houses. 


We all look forward to sitting around the table each year and making our creations! We always buy the premade kits. I love to bake, but yeah, no thanks! I have learned it’s best to buy some extra details, such as extra M&M’s and Hershey bars for example, especially because most premade kits come with hard candy and the chocolate is tastier to eat!

Do the kits taste terrible? Absolutely! Does everyone make a HUGE mess? Without a doubt! Does at least one house collapse before the artist is done with it? Of course. But do we laugh and have fun and look forward to it the next year? YES, WE DO!

We’ve tried our hands at so many kits! I really like the “village” set because it comes with multiple smaller houses so each kid gets to make their own. Last year, I did the Target store version and I LOVED it! I’m looking forward to doing this year’s version as well! One year, we did a Rice Krispie Mickey Mouse train kit. I really liked that it was much more edible than the kit cookie pieces, but it was really hard to decorate and by the time we were done, no one would even know it was Mickey OR a train! We’ve even tried making them with graham crackers! Those were tough to get to stay together, but definitely more cost-effective!

I’m looking forward to creating this year’s gingerbread houses! Will your family be creating their own masterpieces?