A Very Buckeye Holiday Season {My Momma’s Recipe}


Let’s just start with clearing up one important detail: this is not a post about Ohio State. I’m not even really an OSU fan, despite being born and raised in Ohio. I’m an Indiana University grad and my Hoosier pride is strong. But, I digress.

You see, a buckeye isn’t just an Ohio State fan. It’s also not just a poisonous nut.

My favorite kind of buckeyes are of the chocolate and peanut butter variety.


If you’ve lived in Ohio long enough, you probably know just what I mean. You can buy them at many wonderful local establishments, especially during the holiday months – check out Dorothy Lane Market, Bellbrook Chocolates, or even Bill’s Donuts! But, do you want to know where they have the best buckeyes I’ve ever had?

My mom’s kitchen. Yep, that’s right. For as long as I can remember, Momma Cullman has always made buckeyes around the holidays. One batch makes a ton and they are so easy to wrap up in a pretty bag and send off as a simple holiday gift. Our out-of-town family looks forward to receiving these every year.

And you’re in luck because I’ve got the recipe to share with you today!

Momma’s Favorite Buckeyes

1 lb butter, softened
2 lbs peanut butter
3 lbs powdered sugar
2 12 oz packages of semi-sweet chocolate morsels
3 squares of unsweetened chocolate

Mix together butter, peanut butter, and powdered sugar (use hands to do it well). Form into small balls and freeze. Melt together chocolate bits and unsweetened chocolate in double boiler. Dip frozen balls in chocolate mixture (using a toothpick) until almost covered (so they resemble a buckeye nut).  Place on a waxed, paper-covered cookie sheet. Freeze for one hour and then store in a plastic bag. Yields about 200 buckeyes.

What’s your favorite holiday sweet treat to make with your family?