Normalizing Periods With My Kids


From an early age, my kids have known the basics of periods.

Okay, so they don’t fully understand yet why some bodies menstruate or what exactly happens during menstruation, but I have not hidden my own period from them and I answer any questions they have. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking periods are shameful or shouldn’t be mentioned.


Ode to the Reproductive System

The female reproductive system is amazing and complex. Mine grew two beautiful babies, even after I thought for years that it couldn’t. My uterus created two humans from tiny embryos, with eyelashes, fingernails, and the sweetest little noses. Those humans are now 6 and almost 3, and once a month, they see that Mama has blood when she goes to the bathroom.

Is That a Boo-Boo?

At first, my 6-year-old daughter was alarmed and thought I had a boo-boo. I told her that it’s just Mama’s body’s way of telling me that there are no babies in my belly and that it’s normal and happens every month. My 2-year-old son is starting to ask questions as well, and I will tell him the same. I want him to grow up understanding that periods are normal and not shaming anyone for this regular bodily function.

For the last few years, I have been using a menstrual cup rather than a pad (tampons have never been my thing). Often, a kid will walk in on me while I’m emptying, rinsing, or inserting it. I tell them that this is how Mama collects the blood so it doesn’t get on my clothes and that this is just one of many things we can use for periods. At this point, when they walk in on me with a hand right up in my business, they hardly blink.

Let’s All Normalize Periods With Our Kids

When I was a kid, I knew about periods from my mother from an early age as well, so I wasn’t surprised when it happened to me. But I did feel shame when I had my period at school and tried to hide it, even from my good friends. I’d love for my kids to grow up in a world that understands and accepts periods as a normal and healthy bodily function rather than feeling embarrassed and having to hide it.

And so I will do my best to normalize periods with my kids and hope that enough other Mamas are doing the same so our kids will grow up in a judgment-free zone when it comes to menstruation.


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