Mom Hobbies You Need


Mom hobbies. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? What mom actually has time for a hobby other than continually hoping for a full night’s sleep and no meltdowns at the grocery?

I know, it’s not that you wouldn’t love to have one. And there are plenty of hobbies out there to choose from. Some are pretty expensive. Some are pretty time consuming. Some probably aren’t your thing and would just take you away from your family and use up time you need to get by day to day.

Most are easy to pass up for any of these reasons, but you still need a hobby. NEED.

You need a hobby.

Maybe it’s a “real” hobby. Maybe it’s a drink out with your girlfriends while you talk about what hobbies you once had time for. It doesn’t matter what you choose, but a hobby is something that you enjoy. And I repeat, you need it.

You need to force yourself to take time for you. It’ll make you a better wife, mom, employee, friend, daughter…all those things that you are.

So where do you start? What kids of hobbies will mesh well with your mom status and still allow you to do everything that you do? Well, I have a few ideas for you, lovely!

1. Genealogy.

If you’ve never dived into this enchanting world, you’re in for a treat! It is amazing to learn the names and dates of your ancestors. And you will become an investigator trying to read the clues. Each new piece of information is addictive. All you need is the names and birth dates of your grandparents and you’re in great shape. Your local library most likely has a room dedicated to genealogy and you can use their software for free. There are also plenty of free genealogy sites that you can access from home. Just search them up and go from there.

2. Writing.

Descriptions of your day. Fun things your kids have said or done. It may seem like you’re doing this on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, but you’d be surprised what you’re not putting out there that would be wonderful for your kids to read when they’re grown. Right now is a great time to start this because there are SO many cute journals out there to choose from!

3. Gardening.

Even growing one tomato plant on your patio can make a difference. Your homegrown foods will be healthier for your family and teach your kids where food actually comes from. And the high you get from picking your first fruit or vegetable or flower is amazing.

4. Walking.

Not only is this beneficial to your body, but it will also make a huge difference in your mind! Use this time to think about what you want and where your life is going. Use it to listen to songs you like – not kid friendly ones!

5. Decluttering.

This can be done one drawer at a time or an entire room. But doing so will clear your mind and your home. Clutter has been proven to create stress. So get rid of it! Once you get one area done and feel the difference, trust me, this will sure seem like a worthy hobby!

6. Reading.

Read poems. Books, magazines. Cereal boxes. Anything except social media. Just read and learn new things. Use your brain for more than just family scheduling.

7. Cuticle Care.

Maybe it’s taking 30 seconds to lotion your hands. Maybe it’s painting your nails, or paying to have them done. But you look at your hands hundreds of times per day. It will boost your confidence to see neat fingers each time you do!

8. Scrapbooking.

Do the whole old-fashioned paper and sticker kind, or do one digitally. It doesn’t matter if one book takes you months. When you finish it, you have a wonderful source for memories, and you got to enjoy your sweet, (usually) smiling kids’ pictures, your vacation memories, and your best moments in life the whole time.

9. Something Scary.

Pick one thing you are scared of, or even uncomfortable about – and DO it. Start small and work your way up. Ziplines? Rock climbing? Bicycling? Wearing patterned leggings? It doesn’t matter what it is. You will be enthralled after the first adrenaline rush of conquering that fear.

10. Getaway Planning.

This one’s for just you, you and your guy, you and your whole family, you and your mom friends. Whomever. It could be camping overnight in a park. It could be heading a few hours away for the weekend, or it could be a whole week in the islands. It doesn’t matter, just plan it. Use whatever time you can to getaway. Leave the stress and just BE. You ALWAYS have time to get away, even just for a few hours and for free.

Hopefully, there is at least one thing on this list that you might want to take up as your new – or renewed – hobby.

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Hey Ya'll! I’m Audrey, a middle of nowhere, East Tennessee transplant. My husband (and forever crush) Andy and I were born and raised in Ohio State Buckeye territory, where we met in junior high school and married halfway through college. We have 2 tweens here on Earth: Lucas-the sweetest jokester boy you will ever meet, and Alaina-a charismatic and responsible redhead. We were hoping for a bigger family, but it wasn’t in the cards for us. For years we vacationed here in and around Knoxville, and so when the opportunity came to move here, we took it! Prior to moving here, I was first and foremost a Wife and Mother, but filled my days at a special needs preschool, title company, and as a FT volunteer-a-holic. In my spare time, I love diy, crafting, reading and writing. And I will always be a barefoot farm girl at heart. We raise/grow our own food- and I occasionally even make dinner out of our homegrown goodness- but I hate cooking! I can’t wait to immerse myself in this sweet, southern community!


  1. I love these hobby ideas and the simple explanation given about each of them. Sometimes, I think a ‘hobby’ is another thing to do, but something like cuticle care?!?! I can do that! And I’m sure it’ll make me feel better about myself in the process. On deck: tomato plant!

    • Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, I think we all overthink everything now- even something as simple as what a Hobby “should be”. Thanks Motherhood circa 2000-teens…
      I hope you are able to make the time for some rockin’ cuticles and some delicious tomatoes! Those are the one food I can’t pass up growing at home- they are just SO different than store bought 🙂

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