Have No Fear! Eliminating Cavities With Laser Dentistry

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Many of us have painful memories of our visits to the dentist. Whether it was having a tooth filled or pulled, we just remember the loud noises, the grinding, the needles and the pain. As adults, we understand that dentistry isn’t always about those things.

Title Image:Smiling girl at dentistNow, as new technology in dentistry is emerging, we can provide our children with a dentistry experience that is free from drilling and largely free from needles. Sound good? We thought so.

Our friends at Centerville Pediatric Dentistry have introduced us to laser dentistry (DMC Note: Are we the only ones who didn’t know that was a thing?!) and it is changing dental treatments for the better.

Laser dentistry means no pain! It provides your child the option of pain free cavity preparations with no need for shots.

Laser dentistry means less fear! While we all hope our child never gets a cavity, it’s good to have an option that is pain free which eliminates much of the fear that so many adults still have to this day. Some of the benefits include:

  • No loud drilling noises which helps alleviate anxiety. Can we get an amen!
  • More work can be done at one visit, so fewer appointments are needed. Traditionally, dentists will only numb one quadrant of the mouth and do treatment in that quadrant. Since numbing isn’t involved when using lasers, the dentist can work on multiple quadrants in the mouth, eliminating the need for multiple appointments. This means less time away from school, more time with mom or dad, and less gas money to get to appointments.
  • Faster healing. With less use of traditional tools pain is minimal and kids can get back to flossing (their teeth and the dance!) right away. 

What procedures can be performed with laser dentistry?

  • Cavity preparations (fillings)
  • Some crown and primary tooth root canals (pulpotomies) 
  • All soft tissue procedures including infant and child frenectomies, removal of any lumps, bumps, or pathology that normally requires scalpels, bleeding, and stitches.

Little Boy Playing Dentist With Bear

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

As with all lasers, dental lasers work by delivering light energy. They are useful in surgical and dental procedures because they act as a cutting tool and are able to vaporize tissues. In pediatric dentistry, the dentist can use lasers to remove tooth decay and prepare the rest of the tooth to be filled, thus eliminating the need for drilling.

Lasers are especially useful in pediatric dentistry because there are certain procedures where lasers aren’t effective. For example, lasers can’t always be used on teeth if they already have an amalgam (silver) filling. They’re also limited when it comes to preparing teeth for a crown or bridges. Children require less of those types of procedures and are usually better candidates for laser dentistry.

Choose the best laser dentistry close to home.

At Centerville Pediatric Dentistry, they have multiple types of lasers which use different wave lengths. This allows them to do this widest range of laser dentistry in our region.

Dr. Kyle Jackson is a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and has received extensive training as a member of this association. 

The best laser dentistry and trusted expertise around is available at Centerville Pediatric Dentistry and in Beavercreek at Keep Smiling Kids.

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