Summer Fashion 2019


The weather is finally sticking to the warm side here in Ohio, which means only one thing, y’all… summer is finally upon us! With warmer temps comes wardrobe changes, and I’m here to share with you some of the trends I’m most excited about for Summer 2019.

I’ve scoured the internet, read list after list and have narrowed it down to five things I feel are obtainable for most women without breaking the bank. 

1) Bows and Scrunchies – Time to relive those 80’s and 90’s looks we loved as kids, ladies, because these hair accessories are back in a BIG way and they’re super cute to boot!

2) Maxi Dresses – Maxi dresses are such a diverse piece that looks good on practically anyone. You can also dress them up or dress them down, making them an extremely diverse piece in anyone’s wardrobe.

3) Leopard Print Everything – Whether it’s a dress, skirt, top, or shoe, anything in a leopard print is sure to turn an eye or two in a good way, ladies!

4) Gimme ALL the Fringe – I’m getting loads of Stevie Knicks vibes with this fashion-forward trend. Throw some fringe on it and call it a day!

5) Sensible Shorts – Can I get an AMEN?! Say goodbye to the days of the “booty” short and welcome in the era of lengthy shorts. Relive those “finger tip” rule days of school and stock up on Bermuda shorts because they’re back and ready for summer!

Besides these five trends, there are a few more out there that I personally can’t wait to try out in the coming months. I hope you’ve found something that strikes your fancy today. Tell me, which of these trends are you most excited to try?

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