Revamping Your Skincare Routine


When I was younger, a beauty routine was the furthest thing from my mind. But now that I am, ahem, not so young, I have noticed the lines getting deeper and the adult acne not shying away as my hormones change. I have little to no energy to spend contemplating numerous options; I know trying out all the things bring some ladies joy, but not this gal. I want tried and true. Easy peasy. With all that in mind, I decided to revamp my beauty routine this year. I am not a dermatologist or skincare guru, just a gal who has been through many years of difficult skincare.


What should your skincare routine include?

With all the options out there, it is easy to become overwhelmed. If nothing else, for the care of your skin, you need a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen. For most women, what you were able to use as a teenager will likely no longer have the same effect; your skin is different, your hormones are different, your needs are different. Your skincare should be different. Look at figuring it out as an investment in yourself.

How do you know if a product is working for you?

The reality is, your skin may get worse before it gets better. At least that happens for a lot of us. How long do you stick it out? From personal experience, I would say give a routine 2 weeks before you start seeing a balancing out and positive change from there. The exception would be if you seem to be having an allergic reaction of any kind, stop use immediately.

Should I really be putting that on my body?

Ugh. I hear you. Some people have no issues with what products contain. While others want all-natural. Find what works for you. Do your own research. The good news is that there are so many options for more natural skincare products, even at Target! I have tried to lean toward more natural ingredients in recent years, only because I figured… what if these were having an impact on other areas of my body? What if it was all tied? Again, maybe not. But it didn’t hurt to consider.

What makeup should I use?

Again, all personal choice. One of the joys of revamping your beauty routine is that, hopefully, you will start to see better skin and need only the makeup you actually enjoy putting on. However, once you find something you love, stick with it! I would say this is true for any product. It helps me save time and money to know exactly what I want to buy without the distraction of ads, new items, etc.

So what skincare products are YOU actually using?

I assume some of you scrolled straight to this part. This isn’t an ad, so I am hesitant to tell you. But, honestly, it kind of depends. I have found that if I am purchasing from Target, I really like the Acure Brightening Cleansing Gel for facewash. (I adore their shampoo, too.) A tried and true toner is Thayers Witch Hazel; I keep this one on-hand no matter what because it is that good. Moisturizer, I felt like I was skipping for a while because it made my skin feel so oily, which wasn’t really helpful. Cetaphil’s large bottle of moisturizer can be used on my entire body, and I do use it on my face in a pinch, though they sell face-specific options as well.

Currently, I have been trying out “No b.s.” This is what I would consider to be a “higher-end” line, definitely more expensive than my Target alternatives. I like it a lot so far, but to be honest, I only tried it because I was able to combine a bunch of coupons for my first purchase. (This girl likes clear skin, but also is not made of money). I am unsure yet if it will be “worth it” to make the switch permanently. I will keep using the Day+Night Hyaluronic Cream because every single time I use it, my skin is in heaven. The other item I have found that will stay in my drawer is the Rael Acne Healing Patch, which I snagged on Amazon. These are quite affordable little translucent dots. I stick them anywhere I have a pimple and they draw out a lot of the junk inside while also helping me not mess with my skin.

If you do nothing else, consider at least pulling out all the random bottles from under your sink, in your drawers and makeup bags. Are they expired? If the answer is yes, toss them now. Do you even like them? If the answer is no, toss them. Clearing out these skincare items will create space for things you actually enjoy and use.

What skincare works for you? What products are your tried and true options?