The Motherhood of The Fitting Pants


Moms, please buy a pair of pants that fit.

Like fit right now kind of fit. Not fit if I lose 10 pounds or if I wear Spanx or if I don’t sit down kind of fit. Buy the pair you can easily slide on and button without holding your breath. Buy the pair that don’t make you want to just stay in your pj’s. Maybe they are multiple sizes bigger than they used to be and not as trendy, but you know what? They will make you feel fabulous because they are comfortable and they actually fit.

We all know as moms that pregnancy changes our bodies. Even if you do get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, your hips may have widened and clothes just don’t seem to fit the same. After giving birth to my first, I remember desperately wanting to feel like my old self and trying to squish and squeeze into my old favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. These were the jeans that always made me feel great and I had worn for years. Now they just made me feel like an uncomfortable busted can of biscuits.

After I had my second baby, I didn’t even try to put those pants on again. Instead, I set them aside and bought myself a new pair of jeans. High waisted, multiple sizes bigger with just the right amount of stretch, and in the perfect shade of denim. The modern Mom Jean. They fit my new body and made me feel like a new person. My attitude changed immediately and I no longer dreaded getting dressed every morning.

No more wishing and hoping I could fit into that old pair. No more “If I just lose 5 pounds!” No more pretending my body would ever be the same as it was before I held those sweet babies in my arms. I just gave birth to my third and there was such a sense of joy in knowing that I had a pair of pants that I could put on in a few weeks and feel fabulous, although still extremely sleep deprived, again.

I can’t help but think this motherhood revelation to buy the new fitting pants was meant to remind me that I will never again be who I was before I became a mother. That’s totally how it’s supposed to be. I need to rock this new body and embrace it for what it has done. The second we become mothers, our hearts widen, so can’t our hips? Our love grows for this new little life, so why not let our love grow for our new body? If right now, you find yourself with nothing to wear because your clothes don’t fit like they used to, even if it’s been years since you had your babies, go get yourself a pair of pants that fit, now.

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