Valerie Dubuc

Hello Dayton Moms! I'm Valerie, a full time working mom and a Certified Life Coach. I live in Centerville with my husband of 17 years, our two teenage boys, and our dog, Charlie. I use my intuition and guidance to help women and men who are stuck or lost in life's transitions tap into and harness their deepest wisdom so they can move forward and ultimately create the life they crave! I can be found on facebook at www.facebook.com/valeriedubuclifecoach or my website www.valeriedubuc.net.

6 Steps on how to “Be Enough”

I'll let you in on a little secret...unless you are a sociopath, at some point in our lives for one reason or another we all believe we are not enough. As a life coach I hear it often,...

Moms & Mindfulness: 5 Tips to Reduce Stress

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." ~ Jon Kabot-Zinn As moms, it's often hard to live in the moment. To really be present and mindful of what is happening within us and...

The Skinny on Drinking Your Greens!

As much as I want my family to eat nutritiously, so many unhealthy, fast, and convenient foods seem to win the battle. Here's an interesting fact, that makes me feel not alone: In a 2012...