Valerie Breitbach

Hi, there. I’m Valerie Breitbach! I have two daughters, Rosie and Olive, and my husband is active military. While we call Dayton home, we are currently stationed in Pyeongtaek, South Korea for the next two years.

A Few of My Favorite Things {What’s on Your Christmas List?}

If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages yet, you’ve got to get yourself to the library and check it out. Pun intended. It provided incredible insight to the ways that I...

Less Treats for my Sweets {Ideas for a Less Sugary Halloween}

I have three young kiddos, and this Halloween I have a few unsolicited ideas for those trick or treat bags. No, I don’t want to be that house that gives out apples, toothbrushes, or...

The Swimsuit Issue {Celebrating the End of Summer}

As we celebrate the unofficial end of summer this weekend, I hope you pack your swimsuit. This morning I was buzzing around the house packing for a day at the beach. You would think our...

Normalizing Nursing {World Breastfeeding Week}

Did you know that this week is World Breastfeeding Week? As a Mom of three young daughters, I’ve spent a lot of time in recent years nursing in cafe corners, the passenger seat of...

The Cost of a Screen-Free Childhood {Purposeful Parenting Month}

Did you know that July is Purposeful Parenting Month? For me, that means making choices each day to be active and engaged in this stage of their life. One of those decisions is very limited...

An Ode to My Red Flannel Armchairs 

We're coming out of spring cleaning season and I'm curious, do you have anything in your home that you just cannot stand the sight of but you can never bring yourself to get rid...

Rainy Day Banana Bread {My Mother-In-Law’s Recipe}

April showers bring May flowers... Right? It’s raining today in South Korea, and I wonder if the same proverb rings true on this side of the world. This is my first spring in Asia,...

Self-Care Like my Toddler {Surviving This Season of Motherhood} 

There’s a wave of self-care importance that is flooding my social media feed these days. Everywhere I look there are posts about how vital self-care is. All of a sudden everything is "self-care." It...

The Problem with Pouches

No, I’m not talking about my tummy pouch. I have no problem with that. I’m referring to the ever-so-trendy and convenient fruit pouches designed for toddlers. I’ve recently become a stay-at-home mom and my...