Stephanie K

I have lived in Dayton my entire adult life, but grew up in Cincinnati. I have really come to love our city and all it has to offer. In my mind, it is truly a hidden gem. I have 2 girls and a boy who keep me moving. I spend my days as a high school math teacher. In my spare time (what's that?!), I love to participate in walking challenges with coworkers (though I never win), explore new activities for both my husband and I and my kids, and foster my creative mind with projects such as Zentangle.

Socially-Distant Birthday Party Ideas

Growing up, my mom always planned a creative birthday party for me and my brothers. I have fond memories of craft parties and destination parties. They were always low-key but made me feel special...

The Game of State Testing {Insights from a High School Teacher}

High school state testing. These are four words, that when strung together, makes Ohio teachers, students and administrators cringe. For months, I, a high school math teacher, have been holding out hope that the...

Support Network

Four working moms walk into their workplace. They all go to their separate corners of the building and to their separate departments. Their paths don't cross very often. Then their place of work is...

National Play-Doh Day {Fun & Educational Ways to Celebrate on Sep. 16}

Activities have been canceled due to the pandemic, but one that can still remain is National Play-Doh Day! This annual “holiday” is September 16. Here are three ways you could celebrate in a socially...

They Listen and So Should I

It was a hectic night like most bath nights. Wrangling three kids to bathe long enough to get completely clean but not so long that it takes forever. You know the fine line here....

I Miss Them {When Summer Just Isn’t the Same}

Due to the pandemic, I am with my kids 24/7, but I miss them so much. Let me say that again: I’m with them ALL the time, but somehow I MISS them terribly. Believe me...

A Lesson in Charity

Right now our kids may not be in school, but they are continuing their learning in nontraditional ways, including life skills. They are learning how to learn online, entertain themselves for hours using creativity,...

COVID-19 Road Trip

Gas is cheap. School is not in session. Spring is in the air. Sounds like a recipe for a family road trip. Right?! Wrong! It’s COVID-19 season and we can’t go anywhere... but can...

Purse Time Capsule

I recently came across a story out of Canton, Ohio that truly gave me goosebumps! A custodian at a high school was doing some repairs near some lockers. When he removed a piece of...

Salad Exchange

The holidays are over and now we sit with guilt as to how much we indulged our taste buds. It's that dreaded time of year, to attempt to shed those pounds, and actually achieve...

Haircut Disaster

My mom did it to me. I did it to my oldest daughter. Why did I completely fail when trying to cut my middle daughter's hair? From the time babies are born, we are told...

Saying Goodbye To My First Car

Today I sold my 1st car and it was so emotional. Why have I become so attached to a big chunk of metal?  We have been through a lot together - 185,250 miles to be...