Sallie Kemper

My name is Sallie Kemper. I’m 33 years old. I grew up in Springboro and now live in Kettering with my husband of almost 5 years, Grant, and our two kids, Rhett (7) and Ruby (4). We are expecting our 3rd in December 2020. Rhett is my son from a previous relationship. I was a single mom for a few years before a chance run-in with a childhood friend lead to a whirlwind relationship that left me living my happiest, suburban mom dreams. Professionally, I’m a social worker at a local hospital. My husband is in the Army National Guard. We recently endured a yearlong deployment that tested and strengthened us. When not working, you can find us at the local pool, hanging with our amazing neighbors, or having dinner with our big, loud families.

Our NICU Story

It's 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve. I'm blankly staring out over the city through the window of my 4-day-old's NICU room. My baby is lying in an isolette behind me, tiny and silent. We...

Winter Solstice {Celebrating the Changing Seasons on Dec. 21}

Isn't it comforting to think that we are approaching a moment of renewal in this wild world we are living in? Dec. 21, 2020 marks this year’s Winter’s Solstice. Scientifically, Winter Solstice is the moment...

I’ve Never Planned a Pregnancy

I’ve never planned a pregnancy. I will very soon have three kids. Not a one was planned, and yet being a mom is all I ever wanted to be. I love babies and kids. I...

A Year’s Time {Grieving a Loved One}

As a family, we just celebrated one year since my husband has been home from deployment overseas. Boy, do I wish his year gone would have flown by as quick as his first year...

Catching Frogs {A Summer Memory I’ll Never Forget}

My son and I had an adventure the other night. We went to a local park with a pond at dusk with the intention to catch, and release, frogs. A friend of mine told...