Hey there, I'm Rebecca! I am a believer, proud military wife, Mama of 4; 2 in Heaven and 2 here with us. I’m originally from Florida, but we moved to Ohio about three years ago and I honestly LOVE the change. Dayton was quick to feel like home to us, and we've definitely been enjoying the seasons! Being a Mom is the happiest full-time job, but I love making the time to keep up with my personal interests as well. I run a blog and Instagram @theivynest; where I share a bit of our story and everyday life, along with my love of home decor and keeping things simple. Life is definitely busy, but I truly believe that it is equally as beautiful when we choose to see it that way!

In My Daughter’s Eyes

She is trusting and brave. Strong-willed and independent. Joy-filled and free. Beautiful both inside and out. She is everything my heart has prayed for year after year. She is a miracle, my miracle, and...

13 Life Lessons I Learned Before Turning 30

We are quickly approaching my birthday, and not just any birthday, my thirtieth birthday. As in THIRTY. 30! Even just typing that, I am in a bit of disbelief. There is something different about this number...

Motherhood: A Love like No Other

Nine months of watching my belly grow and squirm from the outside led to my favorite face-to-face meetings. My heart won’t ever forget the feeling of having those precious babies laid on my chest...

A Frugal Mom’s Guide to Grocery Budgeting

Welcome to January, where I am sure your news feed is flooded with New Year's resolutions, fitness/health-related articles, and budget tips. While I typically love to bring you a break from the norm, this...

Keep It Simple, Santa

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus right down Santa Claus Lane...” Am I the only one who gets this crazy song stuck in their head this time of year?! It’s almost as if...

…Still a Good Mom {Joining #thegoodmommovement}

Today has been spent chasing the two tiny tornadoes that sweep through our house, and while I love it (most days), today has been a rough one. And I don't feel like a good...

The Wave of Light {Remembering All of the Little Lives Lost Too Soon}

Oct. 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Tonight at 7 p.m. all around the world, people will be taking part in what we call the ‘wave of light’; where we light a...

Soaking Up the Slow Mornings {The Bright Side of Quarantine Life}

These last five months have been anything but normal for all of us. In fact, it has been the exact opposite. Our world has been flipped upside down, preschool has been canceled, Daddy has...

Mom and Dad Can Still Have Fun!

There once was a time where every single encounter was an adventure, date nights out were a weekly if not twice-weekly thing, uninterrupted conversations were the norm, and quality time was at an all-time...

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day, One Scoop at a Time! {July 19}

Let me just start by saying, and I think I can speak for most of us when I say this… I have a new favorite holiday! Sunday, July 19 is National Ice Cream Day! I’ve always been...

5 Tips for Keeping a Happy Home

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” Well, this wife fully believes that happiness begins within the home. We can walk in the front door of our homes and instantly...

Raising Rainbow Babies {Navigating Motherhood after Loss}

“It is understood that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of any storm. When a rainbow appears, it does not mean the storm never happened or that we are not...

Finding Your Tribe

Growing up I used to think that I was capable of maintaining an infinite number of friendships, that surely there would never be a day that I would feel ‘lonely,’ and that childhood best...

The Twenty Minute Tidy

Picture this. You walk in the door from doing preschool drop-off and are immediately hit with the reality of your very ‘lived-in’ home. Dishes leftover from making the kids’ breakfast, a basket of half-folded...