Rebecca Chait

As a new mom and longterm resident of the Cincinnati-Dayton area, I am happy to be a part of this community of moms! I love my work as an eye surgeon, and I love my husband who works as a dentist and happens to be from South Korea! My interests include music, gardening, biking, hiking, and of course, becoming the best mom I can be! My husband and I attend a local church and hope to share our passion for missions in the future with our daughter.

Navigating a Bilingual, Bicultural Family {When You’re the Odd One Out}

For the past 12 weeks, we’ve been living with my mother-in-law. She is helping us with childcare and pitching in with the cooking and cleaning while we adjust to new jobs after having moved...

A Confession to My Sister {Part 2}

“B will be a great mommy for her baby. Because she makes me feel happy when there are monsters.” I love the way my nephew puts things to words. So much so that I kept...

To My Daughter on Moving Day

It was our last night in your first home. And I wasn’t ready yet. We are moving because we have to. Financially, it makes sense. With our plans to relocate in the next 6 months,...

Un-Spring Cleaning {My Process for Creating Your Own Routine}

The concept of spring cleaning is, if you ask me, overrated. Accumulating a hefty seasonal list of to-dos sounds like too much stress. I would much prefer to do a little bit at a...

Winter Recipes {Tried and True Family-Favorite Meals}

I’m a new mom. And it’s winter in Ohio. So naturally, if there’s a warm, cozy, unique, and EASY dinner recipe, I am here for it! When it comes to easy dinners, my husband and...

Lucky Ear {Our Daughter’s Congenital Abnormality}

She has his eyes. My lips and nose. But whose ears does she have? Our baby girl was born with misshapen ears. At first, we did not think much of it. She suffered a...

Vignette of a Lonely Mom

The nights are mostly quiet. She fusses quietly since I detect it before it escalates into a full-blown cry. I pad down the hallway in my slippers. I rock my baby in the nursery...