Pamela Chandler

Pamela Chandler lives with her husband, daughter and Siberian Husky in West Carrollton, OH. She graduated from Marshall University with a B.A. in English in 2005 and moved to the Miami Valley in 2015. She enjoys spending her days with her family, helping to raise the children in her life and writing for her family blog, The Chandler Crew.

The Value of Apologizing to Your Kids

The other day I yelled at our 6-year-old because she was not listening to me and ended up getting paint all over my kitchen table. I was mad she ruined my table, frustrated she...

5 Tips for Fostering Kindness in Kids

Summer is upon us and as excited as I am about pool days and outdoor fun, I am dreading the constant bickering that happens when all three kids are home together. I am a...

5 Favorite Family Night Ideas {Cherishing Time Together}

Like most families with young children, our day-to-day schedules can be very full and very hectic. Sometimes it feels like we are just running from one practice to another, and we don’t get the...

My Daughter Has No Friends {And I Feel Like It’s My Fault}

My daughter has no friends. Truly. And I feel like I’ve failed her. All the typical ways she would make friends we just don’t have. We have no neighborhood kids close by. But, sadly,...

The Power of Asking Questions

Like most people who have relocated to a new town, my husband and I have spent the last few years getting to know new people. As we grow into our city and our children...

Breaking the Bad Body Image Curse {A Lesson Learned}

My mom was such a great example of practically everything I wanted to be as a mom growing up. She was patient, kind, God-fearing, and full of grace. She raised us to know right...

The Healing Power of Cooking

This May right after Mother’s Day marks the second anniversary of my Mother’s passing. It has been a difficult two years filled with immeasurable grief and heartache for my whole family. But as this...

Little White Lies That We Tell Our Kids

When I was a kid, my Dad, ex Air Force, used to DRAG us to air shows every summer. It was fun for all of two seconds and then it was laying on the...

Parenting The Child You Have

When my daughter was an infant she was the happiest baby on the planet. She went to anyone and eveyone, she was soooo social, she rarely ever cried. She was not only adorable, but...

I Swore I Would Never Let Our Kid Sleep With Us

It’s 3 a.m. and an elbow just hit me in the face. For the third night in a row, I’m up in the middle of the night because our 5-year-old has extreme insomnia and...
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My Four Favorite Things About Turning 40

I turned 40 last year. And that feels absolutely impossible. Forty seems like such a real number. Such an adult number. I hardly feel like an adult. I’m pretty sure I just graduated from...

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July means we are in the thick of Summer, and it brings TONS of Events to The Miami Valley. Here are our top picks for July’s Dayton Dozen. Disclaimer :: due to COVID-19, please check...

Redoing 2020 {Why My Daughter Is Repeating Preschool}

That’s it, we are redoing 2020! Yes, I know that sounds crazy; who in their right mind would want to repeat this past year? But a redo is exactly what’s in order for our...