Molly Falwell

I’m an Ohio native but new to Dayton. I have two girls, one cat, and a lot of things on my mind. Q2111111111111111( that was our cat, Sprout; she’s got a lot on her mind, too). We moved to Dayton for my husband's work and to get some time raising our kids in the city. As a family, we like to explore new parks and playgrounds, snuggle on the couch watching Disney movies, and play board games with our friends. I enjoy a good glass of red wine, volunteering with summer camps, rereading Harry Potter, and forever finding new ways to be busy.

Enough About Bruno: Let’s Talk About Louisa!

Disney’s Encanto has swept people off their feet. The animation is bright and beautiful, the story is heartwarming and the music is catchy. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has been sung and danced to...

I Want a Friend, Not a Mentor

Dude. I’m young. So, I’m actually almost 30, but most (myself included) would still categorize this in the young mom section of life. Not only am I young in years, but I also look...

Why I Went Team Green (And Why I Would Do It Again)

“What are you having?” asked by almost everyone. “Oh! We don’t know yet," I would reply with a smile on my face. For my first pregnancy, I wanted to know the baby’s gender as soon...

Make Your Own Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are for all ages and are easy to deliver. Not only are they fun but they can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Can’t go outside yet this spring? That’s...

My Favorite Toddler Playtime Instagram Accounts

Any other toddler moms out there fresh out of new ideas? Uh, me! Both hands raised, looking for something different to do. Not just for the sake of my kids but also for myself. New...

Tie the Knot {How to Climb Back Up in Parenthood}

When at the end of your rope, tie a knot and take a breather. Let’s cut the cute stuff and get down to it. Parenting just stinks sometimes. Literally. I cleaned up a lot of pee...

Safety Spot {Teaching Your Kids Parking Lot Safety}

The most precious part of my car is the magnet on the outside. A pink handprint at toddler height helps me stay a little saner as I take my young kiddos out to run...

Take Care of Your Dangles {Prioritizing Your Own Health}

“Call in Renee!” the nurse assisting my OBGYN hollered out a crack in the door. In came an older nurse, kind-faced and eager to help. “I heard you down the hall, I knew they...

Spooky Season Lasts All Year Long for Mom

It’s spooky season! We’re looking around for pumpkin patches, fresh apple cider and the best Halloween costumes. As a mom, I look at Halloween as a great excuse to buy candy and dress up,...