I grew up on a farm raising cows and pigs in Indiana, but I moved to Dayton, Ohio to marry my husband after dating long distance. My husband is a computer programmer, and I work part time at a library. We have a toddler daughter who keeps us on our toes! I love exploring Dayton with her and coming up with fun activities to help encourage her imagination and curiosity. I am addicted to chocolate, Starbucks, and Amazon. Besides spending time with my daughter, I love to read, cook/bake, and watch reality TV and crime shows.

Embracing Milestones Instead of Mourning

As I sat and folded the small onesies and baby booties to box up and put away, I felt a little sad because my daughter was growing up. My entire life, I longed for...

Five Easy Easter Egg Activities to Do With Toddlers

Keeping toddlers busy and engaged can be challenging some days, especially when the same toys are played with each day. With Easter just around the corner, there are some easy ways to incorporate fun...

Good Luck Charm {My Infertility Journey}

For some, St. Patrick’s Day might be an excuse to have some extra alcohol, host a party and wear a lot of ridiculous gaudy green attire. But for me, in 2019, it’s the day...

Developing a Child’s Vocabulary {Five Simple Ways}

Reading to your child every day is an important habit to form early on in your child’s life. Besides reading, though, even simply talking to your child can go a long way in their...

Play Your Heart Out {Fun February Activities}

February is the shortest month of the year, but it always seems to feel like the longest. The excitement of holiday toys has worn off and the chilly weather makes playing outside not realistic...

Resolution: Eat More Cake

10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1… the ball dropped, the clock struck midnight, and glasses clinked. After a shortened night’s sleep, the calendar read Jan. 1. It was time to write down those resolutions. Let’s be...

Thankful for the Dirty Dishes

My sink is piled high with dirty dishes. Laundry baskets decorate my bedroom. Yet, I am thankful for the dirty dishes. Not the typical “What are you thankful for this holiday season?” Yes, I am thankful...

Exploring Fall Colors and Textures Through Play

As the weather changes, you can feel the crisp air and hear the crunch of the fallen leaves. Fall is a great season for children to explore nature and all the different colors, textures,...