Mariah Newton

I’m Mariah. I am married to my high school sweetie and a rather imperfect and impatient mama to two wild ones. I am still chugging along as a registered nurse, working with hospice and oncology patients. We reside on a mini-farm in the New Lebanon/Farmersville region (although we have just an empty barn). I am a crocheter and aspiring writer. Most importantly, I am a woman that is driven to touch the lives of others and live out life as a maturing child of God.

Celebrating When They’re Gone {Grandparents Day}

For as long as I can remember, I celebrated Grandparents Day. Handmade crafts, school programs, cheap keepsake mugs, Hallmark cards, and special visits. From being a school-age child to an adult, I celebrated this...

A Day at The Park {Southwest Dayton Edition}

Summer is just around the bend. Soon, we will be waking up to those already warm, sunny days. The flowers we planted the months prior will be bloomed. The garden we sowed will be...

3 Ways to Fill Your Proverbial Tank

The gas light turns on. You have further to go. No gas station in sight. Has this ever happened to you?
 What do we do when our own gas light turns on? What does...