Mariah Newton

I’m Mariah. I am married to my high school sweetie and a rather imperfect and impatient mama to two wild ones. I am still chugging along as a registered nurse, working with hospice and oncology patients. We reside on a mini-farm in the New Lebanon/Farmersville region (although we have just an empty barn). I am a crocheter and aspiring writer. Most importantly, I am a woman that is driven to touch the lives of others and live out life as a maturing child of God.

Strong Like A Mother {What Postpartum Depression Looks Like}

Almost every day is confusing. There are enormous ups and disastrous downs. Sometimes it feels that there is no end in sight. In the worst moments, the hopelessness overwhelms you. Your children are just...

Growing with the Garden {Empowering My Kids to Bloom}

Each year since becoming a mother, my husband and kids have gifted me a garden item. First, a refurbished planter my husband found at the house we moved into, followed by a dwarf peach...

Toxic Thoughts {How to Overcome Them}

Believe it or not, the new year is still fresh and I have one question for you: What are you allowing to take up residence in your mind? For years, my mind was consumed with constant...

Spring Cleaning…Fun? {Tips for Spring Cleaning}

After long winters, most of us anxiously await the arrival of spring. Behold! It is here! Opening the windows to let the curtains blow in the breeze. Propping the front door open to let...

Raising a Girl In a Filtered World {Teaching Her What Beauty Really Means}

It’s no secret that insecurity will overwhelm us at some point in life. While insecurity is not gender-specific, as a female, there has always existed an umbrella of pressure that makes us feel like...

Credentials Other Than Mom {Pursuing My Career Goals}

Prior to getting married and having children, my mind was fixed on writing the whole alphabet after my name. Immediately out of high school, I went to a vocational school to obtain a certificate...

That Three Letter Word {The Dreaded “Why” Stage}

We will all be there, or we have been there. Maybe you are like me and you are right smack dab in the middle of it. “But why, mommy?” “Why?” “Why?” …“Why?” A question we are accustomed to ask in...

Mama’s Apple Pie {The Tastes of Fall}

Cue the cool crisp air, the ombre leaves falling from the trees, the oversized sweaters and boots, the smell of fireplaces in the evening. Autumn is here. I vividly remember the first time my family...

Celebrating When They’re Gone {Grandparents Day}

For as long as I can remember, I celebrated Grandparents Day. Handmade crafts, school programs, cheap keepsake mugs, Hallmark cards, and special visits. From being a school-age child to an adult, I celebrated this...

A Day at The Park {Southwest Dayton Edition}

Summer is just around the bend. Soon, we will be waking up to those already warm, sunny days. The flowers we planted the months prior will be bloomed. The garden we sowed will be...

3 Ways to Fill Your Proverbial Tank

The gas light turns on. You have further to go. No gas station in sight. Has this ever happened to you?
 What do we do when our own gas light turns on? What does...