Hi Everyone. I'm Lisa. I am a wife to an amazing husband and mama to Ella (10), Liam (7), Aiden (7) and Adeline (2.) My family and I love exploring the local area, especially since neither my husband or I grew up here. We came for college (GO WRIGHT STATE) and never left! After working as a caseworker for 12 years, I now work full time as an Adoption Recruiter (a new position that I started before I had Adeline.) My spare moments (not that I have many) are spent taking photos, reading, or spending time with my twin mama friends!

October Dayton Dozen :: Guide to Family-Friendly Events

Fall has arrived, and it’s time to spend time celebrating all the events that come along with the season. Please note that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many events are now requiring you...

Mama, Mama, Are You a Bully Goat? {Help Stop Bullying}

A year ago, I sat by and watched a tragedy in our community unfold. A mass shooting so close to home. Yet it was those moments, hours and days after that stuck out for...

Not a Fairytale Stepmother

If you grew up like I did, you grew up hearing fairytales. Stories about faraway places, princesses needing to be rescued and, of course, for many, they also included the ever-dreaded stepmother. You know...

She Walked with Grace

Eighteen months ago, I scrolled through Facebook in a moment of boredom. Doing the typical liking a post, commenting on my friends' moments, when I got super excited to see that a friend from...

Dayton Area Carry Out Favorites

Why carry out? You see, I LOVE to cook. I enjoy the process of putting meals together for my family and knowing what I am putting into them. On a normal day when being...

Local Coffee Shops

Fellow mamas, let’s get right to it: you’re tired, I’m tired, we’re all tired.  I recall watching my mom and her friend gather for coffee. I would sit beside them and sip on my...

Not Superman, Just Lois Lane

15 years ago, I started a job I knew very little about. I loved children and wanted to help make the world, or at least their own little version of it, better. I was...

I Was Lost, but Now I Want to Be Found

I was lost, but I didn’t notice. In the midst of becoming a wife, a full-time employee, a mom and so many other titles that were the basis of what was to be my...

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

"Merry Christmas!" It comes out without much thought. It’s a phrase that has been taught by my family. To us, it means so much. It’s a phrase I feel pride in teaching my kids.  Now, however,...

A Child is Waiting – Perhaps on You!

Currently, in the United States, there are over 123,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted. Each year, since 2000, National Adoption Day (Nov. 23) is celebrated around our courts by having a...

The Tale of the Extroverted Introvert

I am an official extroverted introvert. I can see how this could be very confusing to those around me, but it is something I have struggled with more and more as I have gotten...

The “Talk” I Wasn’t Prepared to Have

There are many things are parents you can’t prepare for until they happen. There is no manual telling us what to do when they are sick, or get hurt, or have their first broken...

Dear Darling Daughter

As I sit here and see my baby girl becoming a beautiful almost-teen, I felt inclined to share with her some things that I have learned along the way. The small things that moms...

Living Her Best Little Life – Well Maybe?

I saw her. Sitting next to her mom. Legs crossed. Hair in a messy bun. She had on sunglasses and was sipping Starbucks. Quietly “people watching" as her mom was busy chatting away with...