Leah Ali-Johnson

Leah Ali-Johnson is a lover and native of Dayton, OH. She is a wife and mama of two vibrant kids. Leah has always been inspired by the strength women possess. She has made it her mission to empower them any way she can through her company, Flourish Headquarters. Leah is invested in listening to your stories, helping to guide, share advice, and cheer you on as you travel this journey of womanhood and motherhood combined! In her spare time, Leah enjoys spending time with her family, writing, traveling, being a beauty product junkie, online shopping, zoning out to music, and patio dining at various local restaurants — especially Mexican restaurants with a lime margarita in hand!

Forget Super Woman; We’re Super Human!

Moms today should indeed be labeled as Super Woman! Ok, forget Super Woman. How about super human?! We’ve always been master jugglers - but 2020 has thrown the whole world for a loop and...