Kristen Hammaker

Kristen Hammaker is a Dayton native who recently moved back to the best city in the world. As a Daytonian, of course her writing inspiration is Erma Bombeck. She has two young children and works as a school counselor and Orton-Gillingham Practitioner. Since she has a son and a daughter, she understands how each kid is different and you can't over-generalize anything about gender differences in children. Her current Mom Fantasy is dreaming about a day when she won't have to constantly scrape melted fruit snacks off of all surfaces of her car.

An Analysis of Frozen {Focusing on Female Empowerment}

I know I'm way late to the game on this one, but I still feel that it's beneficial to offer you my personal analysis of why Frozen 1 and 2 are unique contributions to...

Ode to a Fruit Snack

Oh fruit snack, You beautiful treat. Is it too soon to tell you that I love you? Absolutely not. We've been at this for four years. Some days you are figuratively at the bottom of the food...