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Maker Spaces to Explore Around Town

Have you ever wanted to explore 3D printing? Laser engraving? Sublimation? Button making? In the greater Dayton area, we have several library maker spaces to explore these opportunities plus some!  Washington Centerville Library has...
september 2023 events in dayton ohio

September 2023 Dayton Dozen

Fall Fun is right around the corner! We have your guide to all things Fall and end-of-Summer fun here in this September 2023 edition of the Dayton Dozen for Family-Friendly Events around town. (Psst...

Front-Loading Voyage {Tips for Trips with Littles}

Said in my best Jeremy Irons voice, “BE PREPARED!” Trips with kids are never a “vacation” with the prep before, the managing during and the recovery after. Here are a few front-loading things I do...

Say What You Mean to Say

Talking to kids in a way they’ll listen can be hard. Over years of trying, I’ve found these strategies. It’s a work in progress, always, but practice makes practice. It’s easy to default to the...
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May 2023 Dayton Dozen :: Guide to Family-Friendly Events & Date Night Ideas

Spring has sprung! May brings all sorts of joy and renewal to our lives. May flowers, Mother's Day celebrations, May the 4th for all us Star Wars-loving fans, getting outside, (school ending - eek!...

DIY Game Night

Along the lines of Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, there’s an opportunity to make a DIY customizable game night for your family or group of friends. The gist of both games is having...

Non-Sweet Easter Treats {Ideas to Fill Your Baskets}

Easter can be rather chocolate-forward and rationing candy as dessert only goes so far. I’ve found a balance I’m happy with for my family between sweets and non-food treats. Here are some of the...

March Dayton Dozen :: Guide to Family-Friendly Events {2023}

There is so much for you and your family to do during March 2023 in Greater Dayton next month! Check out the roundup below for our recommendations we’ve curated just for our readers. For...

Not What I Ordered {Typical Takeout Woes}

As someone who orders takeout (maybe too) often, I sometimes encounter an all-too-familiar problem. I get home with and... it’s wrong. Here are some ways I deal with the issue and varying degrees of...

I Remember When {I Remember When I Lost My Mind}

Have you heard about the science of memories? My poor summary is that remembering our remembrances is flawed. It’s fascinating to read about, and I encourage you to look into it. I like to...

Giving Inspiration to Share With Your Kids

Looking to involve my children in the giving season, I’m brainstorming ways to be impactful on a budget. Here are a few low/no-cost ways to make a difference with your kids' help. Don’t pay for...

DIY Advent Calendars {Counting Down Until the Holidays}

With the cost (and sometimes actual value) of advent calendars, DIY can be the most appealing choice. Here are some ideas to personalize for your family or even each kid. Building Sets With low age to...

No-Spend Challenge with Kids

Always thinking about the best value, a no-spend challenge is an exercise to cut out extra spending. Well is the whole month a bust then? Doesn’t have to be! Here are some no-cost ways...
September 2022 WP Featured

September Dayton Dozen {2022}

Fall Fun is right around the corner! We have your guide to all things Fall here in this September edition of the Dayton Dozen for Family-Friendly Events around town. (Psst - this is another...