I’m the most extroverted introvert you’ll ever met. I’m happiest curled up reading and not talking to anyone. But, find immense reward in taking BOLD chances. My background is as a physician - I am a hardcore science nerd, spending my former years attending medical school and being all things “doctor.” Then I traveled the country with my husband being an official baseball wife - which is hilariously not glamorous. Once back in Dayton, spent a few years as a personal trainer working with clients suffering from cancer, chronic illness, and the “I can’t do it syndrome.” In 2014 I co-founded Kate’s Plate, which is a healthy cooking service here to transform lives and the way we do family dinner. Also, I am the ‘CEO’ of Beyond The Game Sports Training, my hubby’s sports facility, and teach healthy cooking classes at Dororthy Lane Market’s Culinary Center. I very much struggle to switch modes from balls-out entrepreneur to gentle mommy mode on the daily. My son, Cooper, is 1 and a spitting image of his father, Jeff. He is obsessed with his grandpa and has the darndest little smirk. Jeff and I are Centerville natives, and came back here to plant our roots and give back to the place who made us who we are today. Random facts: I hate to shop, I eat a lot of butter, I'm a hippie at heart, I’ve taken flying lessons, I don’t watch TV or do Pinterest (gasp!!) Favorite things about being motherhood: Nursing (calorie burning bonus, hello!), watching daddy make the kid laugh so hard he can barely breathe, and the way the moments of parenting bring me back down to earth, back to the here and now

Mompreneurs Glossary

There has never been a better time to be your own boss - especially for mamas!!!  Mompreneur (noun): The umbrella term for women who are both moms and entrepreneurs/biz owners/side hustlers/etc. I just call these ladies...

Step AWAY from the Goldfish

Back away from the goldfish crackers mama...put them down slowly and no one gets hurt!! There are better options...but what they heck are they? Check out some Toddler Tips for Clean Eating. We're not looking...


I have a problem...and I'd like to get it off my chest. Here goes:      I'm OBSESSED with YOU, yes you Mama, and with all of the mothers across this world.          ...

4 Reasons Your Diet is Failing

It's ironic. Those who 'diet' the most, are often those who struggle with their weight. Those who just relax and eat are those who we call 'blessed with a good metabolism.'  Maybe we should...

10 Things Your Husband Wants to Hear From You

10 Things Your Husband Wants to Hear From You I asked my husband this straight up, he’s a dude’s dude so I just have to be blunt. "Babe, what are the top 10 things you...

Your Diet is Making You Fat…OH SNAP! Part 1

Babe, choosing yogurt doesn't take 20 minutes...pick a flavor and let's go. ...Oh, but it does. He thinks I'm deciding between 0% Fat Raspberry Almond Cheesecake and Zero Carb Mango Honey Vanilla. What my husband doesn't understand is the...

Change Is My Constant

  It was 11pm, I'm at a bar in Chicago on a girls trip and I get a call from my boyfriend, Jeff. "Hey, I got traded to the Angels and I'm leaving tomorrow." "Uhhhhhhhh, what?" "Ya, I...