Kary Ellen

I am a wife, mother, and all-around busy person! I am a communications professional and my twin girls and little boy keep me busy with their activities and adventures. We live in Springboro, OH, but also called Huber Heights our home for eight years. I am excited to share stories of what motherhood has been like for me so far!

Perspectives From a Politician’s Daughter

For as long as I can remember, my stepdad has been a politician. He’s a state legislator and that’s something I’ve always been proud of. I’ve enjoyed sitting on the House floor watching legislators...

Halloween Events

Are you unsure of what to do this year for Halloween? Look no further! While some activities may be canceled this year due to COVID-19, there are still some festivities happening for the entire family! Do...

Cheering From the Sidelines {When There May Be Nothing to Cheer For}

We waited anxiously for an email, a text message, a phone call - SOME sort of communication about our kids’ fall sports seasons. This was the first one with COVID-19 in play, and the...

Is a Tubal Ligation Right for You?

“What happens if something happens to one of your kids?” “What about knowing you’ll never have another child of your own again?” “What happens if you get pregnant and something could happen to you and the...

We are #DaytonStrong

We thought things couldn’t get worse than 2019. Those whose hearts were filled with hate wanted to bring that hate to Dayton.  But we were #DaytonStrong.  We fought against that hatred. We protested and made our voices...

Choosing to Be More Than a Working Mom

After more than a year of job searching, I walked into my job one day and quit. It seemed like a dream. The day I quit wasn’t dramatic; but nonetheless, had an impactful feeling I...

4th of July: Parades, Fireworks & Family Fun

The 4th of July holiday is upon us! Even though celebrations may look different this year, there are still ways you can show off your patriotism across the Miami Valley! Here are few of the...

It Doesn’t Get Better, It Gets Different

I was having a rare no-kid lunch out with a friend recently. Her son is about a year younger than my son and I enjoy when we can meet up - with or without...

Mom is in the Mental Hospital

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I try to be open about my mental health and the ups and downs I face with it. A neighbor, who is also a mom, recently confided in me...

I’m an Introverted Extrovert Surviving Social Distancing

Social distancing? That means I don’t need to make an excuse not to see other people? Whoa - what reality am I living in? This isolation, whether enforced and meaning I shouldn’t go outside or encouraged...

Can I Smile If I’m Depressed?

I smile as the nurse goes through the routine medical tests of taking my temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate. She then asks about what medications I’m on and as I go down the...

It’s Not OK – Working Mom Woes

As a working mom, I struggle with the balance of home and work life on a daily basis. Some days, I can’t wait to escape to the office and not hear, “Mom!!!” every two...

Why We Moved

Within an eight-week time span, we began packing, put our house on the market, found a house we liked, got under contract with one buyer, lost that buyer, bought our new house, found a...

An Appreciation for Law Enforcement Officers {National LEO Day}

We hope we don’t get caught driving over the speed limit as we go by, looking in the rearview mirror to see if we’re going to get pulled over. We judge them for any potential...