Kary Ellen

I am a wife, mother, and all-around busy person! I am a communications professional and my twin girls and little boy keep me busy with their activities and adventures. We live in Springboro, OH, but also called Huber Heights our home for eight years. I am excited to share stories of what motherhood has been like for me so far!

Treat Yourself Like You Treat Your Friends

I was feeling under the weather to the point that I took a day off work and did my best to rest for a day. I chatted with a couple friends who naturally said,...

The Day They Weren’t Real Anymore {The Truth Hurts}

My twin daughters had been asking for months if the Tooth Fairy was real but it never seemed like the right time to share the news. How is anyone prepared to tell the truth...

Miami Valley Meals {Heart of DMC}

A mission that began more than six years ago expanded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and is now providing meals to organizations that feed those in need every week.  Former owner of Evans...

National Stress Awareness Day {Tips to Cope}

I’m not a psychological expert by any means, but after being in therapy for more than five years, I’ve come to realize that there are few traits I recognize within myself. One of them...

Who Are Your “Friends?” {Keeping Up With Each Other on Social Media}

With a click of a button, they were gone. A former friend, who I hadn’t spoken to in years, and I were no longer connected via social media. But really, we weren’t “friends” or “following” each...

Halloween Events 2021

Are you unsure of what to do this year for Halloween? Look no further! While these activities are still on as of right now, because of COVID-19, it may be best to call or check...

My Son’s Kitchen Drawer {A Trick to Get Things Done}

By the time my son was born, my twin girls were already old enough to keep themselves fairly entertained (plus having a built-in playmate helped the cause) when it came to me doing activities...
dayton independence day

Independence Day {Parades, Family Fun, & Fireworks!}

With everything returning “back to normal” more and more each day, that means many Independence Day celebrations are back, too! Check out this list of family-fun activities we rounded up so you can celebrate...

When Grandma and Grandpa Get Divorced

Our family was no stranger of divorce from the get-go. When I met my husband, both of my parents were divorced and remarried while his parents were divorced. When I was pregnant with my...

My Experience with Bell’s Palsy

It started as a twitch in my eye. I was seven months pregnant with my twins and had already had complications with the pregnancy, so while I noticed the twitch, I didn’t think much...

Raising Confident Kids {My Own Struggle with Self-Confidence}

If I had to use a word to describe myself, confident would not be one of them. I have plenty of other good qualities, but confidence I’m lacking. Needless to say when at parent-teacher...

Snooze, Unfollow, Delete – Staying Sane with Social Media

We can all probably agree that after the 2020 (or really any year) political season, there may have been things your connections posted on social media you may not have agreed with. Furthermore, there...
experiences to gift

Dayton Experiences to Gift this Year

Here is a 2020 edition of experiences to gift this year in the Gem City! With the holidays upon us, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect present. What does the special person on my list...

Moms Make Mistakes, Too

From the time of infancy, we work to teach our kids what’s right and wrong and to learn from our mistakes. “Don’t do this… don’t do that… don’t ride the dog like a horse.” (Maybe...