Hannah Reeder

People call me “mom”, “Hannah”, “teacher”, and “honey”. Of these, my most treasured is “mom”. I am a foster parent, wife, teacher, and English major. I’m a reader, a writer, a photographer, and a person who thrives in chaos. I’m almost old enough to rent a car. Writing is the most effective way for me to realize which of my thoughts is worth dictating and which should be quickly thrown into the wastebasket, both in computer form and in my mind. Hopefully, most of what makes it onto here was worth it!

Finding the Rhythm of a Multiple Mothers Mother’s Day

Cute faces drawn on handprints, flowers waiting by your bed when you wake up, sweet homemade necklaces you cherish wearing, these are all endearing ways we can show love and appreciation to our mothers...

Spring Cleaning {The Impact of Donating in Dayton}

I look forward to the annual “Spring Cleaning” almost as much as I dread it. My cleaning process looks a lot more like just a bigger mess. But here’s the thing, you have to...

No Neanderthals {The Unspoken Rules of Society}

My family and I used to go out to eat for lunch after church. Cheddar's, Bob Evans, and my favorite, Chili's. And before we would go inside, my dad would normally tell my two...

Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

I’m 6. All of my Barbie dolls, baby dolls, and cartoons are white. My family is white, the movie stars that took the screen on our family nights are white, the characters in our...

Beating the January Blues

Here it comes, the dry, cold, and boring month of January; cue the January Blues. Unless you have a birthday in January, what is there to look forward to? The yucky white film on...