Emma St. Jacques

Hey y'all! I am a Springboro kid, who has traveled the globe, and came right back to the area to settle down. I am a mama of four, wifey to my high school sweetheart. I am a lover of all things antique~flea market~vintage. I often overindulge on chocolate, Amazon and personal home renovation projects. In another life, I was a fifth grade teacher, and now I run a small business while maintaining the stay-at-home mama gig. I wouldn't trade this crazy ride for anything!

Love Sick {Our Proposal Story}

It's wedding season and this time of year has me reminiscing on my own love story. I've always enjoyed diving headfirst into a good chick flick, drowning in the eyes of some cute guy...

The Doctor Will See You Now {Prioritizing Your Own Health}

I schedule my kids' dental appointments, yearly check-ups and eye exams. I make sure every single one of them is checked from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. I...

COVID-19 and Marriage

Sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, masks, disinfectant wipes, and a marriage counselor. These are all of the things I didn't know that I would need in plentiful supply in 2020, yet here we are....

A Packing List for Summer

The fabulous chaos begins: SUMMER! Albeit, summer may look a little different this year, we should still try to seize the summery day with every ounce of enthusiasm we have had in the past....

The Last of the Dinosaurs

The dressers were busting like a can of biscuits, overflowing with 10 too many t-shirts and I decided to grab some bags to thin out our supply. My son, 9 years young came barreling...

Winging It: Motherhood and a Global Pandemic

I just sat through a video conference with a lighting bolt sticker stuck to my neck. On my neck y’all. I haven't determined if I looked more like an exhausted Thor or a prison...

Our Job Is Never Done

I have four kids. 10, 9, 4, and 1… we cover a whole lot of ground. I have been through daycares, dentists, kindergarten firsts and lasts, school bus bullies, and the existence of the...

The Cost of Clutter

As I folded a heavy grey throw blanket for the 1,453,876 time, I instantly wanted to donate it. It lays on my bed every day, and every day that I make my bed, I...

Who Am I If I am Not ‘Mom?’

I was born in 1986 and by 1988, I had a babydoll securely fashioned to my hip. I have more VHS evidence of my life being destined for motherhood than any other profession. When...

Parenting: One Size Fits Most

Hilarious. That is just a riot, isn't it? Parenting is one size that fits most. I wish it were that easy. Parenting is as unique as a snowflake or fingerprint. Each child is so...

Good Boy, Sam

It was a beautiful January afternoon, just like any other. Our giant schnauzer Sam had walked the kids to the bus and sprinted back to the house to be by my side like every...

Big. Loud. Love.

“Your house is chaos,” my sister whispered. “Like complete chaos all the time.” At first I was taken back, and maybe just slightly, a wee little bit offended. I mean, I get it. I have...

Before We Were Moms

Driving through my old college town on a recent family vacay really pulled at my heartstrings. Silly locations like the Waffle House and Wendy’s that hosted 2 a.m. food binges, the country honky tonk...
Dealing with Tragedy at Home

Talk About It: Dealing With Tragedy at Home

I hired a sitter. I curled my hair. I put on my heels and kissed my babies goodbye. Bound for an evening out on the town, my husband and I were set on clinking...