I am mom to two boys, born June 2017 and December 2019. I grew up in the Dayton area before living in Kentucky and recently moved back home. I was in broadcast journalism for a decade before going back to school. I am now a special education teacher. I enjoy reading, running, hiking, camping, and exploring new places with my family.

Halloween Parties to Remember {A Neighborhood Tradition}

Growing up in my neighborhood, Halloween was fun. But I have just as many memories of the two hours prior to going door-to-door on Trick-or-Treat. Each year, the neighbor a couple of streets over hosted...

Quarantine: Just Do the Next Right Thing

The country closed. It reopened. Some places are closing again. Schools are re-opening - both in-person and virtually. The governor announces new mandates weekly. On top of everything, moms are still dealing with work,...

Back to School During a Pandemic

So many questions during this back to school time. If you’re sending your child back to school during this pandemic, there’s probably a lot going through your mind. What will school look like? How will...

Quarantine Slowed Down Time

“Time flies. They’re only this young once. Enjoy every moment. Soak it all in.” How many times have you heard these phrases as a mom? Countless, I’m sure. For me, it always seemed like life...