Elizabeth Fritz

Hello, friends. I'm California grown but currently reside in the Dayton, Ohio area. I am a full time wife, mother, and type one diabetic. I spend my time caring for my little family and trying to live my best life. I'm married to an amazing man and we have two beautiful kiddos; Addie (b. Nov 2007) and Russ (b. Nov 2014). Together they make up my whole heart. Between juggling our busy schedules, and trying to get healthy, I also advocate fiercely for the JDRF. My passions include; reading, writing, traveling, learning new recipes, and making memories with my family. I look forward to sharing my crazy, hectic, mom life with you all.

Dayton Mom Collective’s Guide to Black-Owned Businesses

Today, we would like to share a list of Black-owned businesses right here in the Dayton area. Please take a few moments to click through each business and check out the wonderful products and...
Featured Image Donuts in a Box

The Donuts of Dayton

Here at DMB, we believe that donuts deserve their own food group... so we built this guide in support of that belief!

August Dayton Dozen :: A Guide to Family-Friendly Events

Due to COVID-19 many events that typically take place in August are canceled or postponed. This month, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of the amazing hiking/ walking trails...

When Life Comes Full Circle

When I was a little girl, dinner time was my absolute favorite. Our home clattered with laughter and music. Pots and pans clinked around loudly. And you'd really clear your sinuses with all of...

The Great Cellphone Debate

At what age do you get your child a cellphone? By what age are they allowed to have social media? How can we be sure they're safe in this technology-driven world? These are just a...

Time for a Heart to Heart! {Celebrating Mother’s Day This Year}

Mother's Day is often a time of celebration but it can also be a time of grief and heartache. Especially with the season we're all currently finding ourselves in. Unable to see loved ones,...

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Here's a quick history lesson on Cinco De Mayo, which translates to the fifth of May. First and foremost, it is not Mexico's Independence Day! It is actually an annual celebration that commemorates the...

I Don’t Hate You!

In the past, I've been hurt by people. Some were friends but most of them were family. I feel like the hurt and hate that comes with family issues is so difficult because we...
March Events Featured Image with Shamrock

March Dayton Dozen

How do you tell someone Winter is over? You Spring it on them. For us, March means the start of nicer weather, bright colors, longer days, and definitely more to do. Here are our...

Be My Low-Key Valentine

It's Valentine's Day and there's something in the air, and I'm not just talking about love. It's pressure. The pressure to show up and show off all the love we have inside. The pressure to shout...
new year's eve events featured image

New Year’s Eve Events

Cheers to the New Year! Looking for amazing, family-friendly, local events? You're in the right place for all the fun you're sure to love. Family Events Check out The Little Gym who will be hosting a fun noon...

Holiday Baking Traditions

One of my favorite parts about the holidays is the gatherings. It's the perfect time of year to slow things down a bit and really enjoy the time we have with loved ones. Taking...

Driveway Date Night!

I'm sure you've had quite a few friends or relatives tell you how incredibly important it is to date your spouse. Well, it is! It's super important. It's important for your relationship, your connection,...

The Mom Guilt Monster

We've all experienced this in some form. That sinking, lying, feeling in the pit of our stomachs. That feeling that lingers in the back of our minds and in the depths of our souls...