DMC Anonymous

Living on the Anxiety Struggle Bus

Lately, this Mom Thing has been getting me down. I worry about the future and things I can't control. I stay up after the kids fall asleep, wondering how they will turn out and...

A Single Mom’s Guide to Online Dating

Not that I am an expert by any measure, but I have a few tips and tricks for those of us who maybe haven't dated in a while and maybe didn't think they'd have...

Celebrating My Independence Day {Trigger Warning: Domestic Abuse}

Exactly two years ago, I left my husband. Everything in me knew I had to go. Sometimes you feel 100% sure about something and this time, I knew I couldn't spend another 5 minutes in...

My Experience with Family Court

Before I got into the divorce process, I figured it must be relatively easy since half of all marriages end in divorce. As I have gone through it, I realize that it's difficult for...