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Is It Better to Be Together and Unhappy?

I was scrolling through a website way too late one evening and came upon an article about people sharing their “red flags” before they got divorced. Intrigued, I read that article, and then a...

My Formerly Postpartum Body {Finding Self-Confidence Again}

Today my 6-year-old looked at me from across the kitchen counter as I was making lunch and asked: "Mom, when is your body going to look like you aren't pregnant with twins anymore?" I sighed as...

The Day I Found a Lump {Why Monthly Self-Checks Are So Important}

It was a normal day. I hopped into the shower and did my monthly breast exam, just like I had done every month since my first trip to the gynecologist when I was 16....

Being Grateful: 5 Ways to Instill Thankfulness in Your Children

Whether we admit it or not, our children have access to luxuries. We can equip our kids with tablets, which they can use for study and entertainment. We bring them shopping as soon as they...

Coping with Covid {Our Family’s Symptoms and Story}

It seemed inevitable that we’d get Covid. My husband and I watched as numbers continued to rise. Every time there was a spike, we doubled down on our precautions. But it wasn’t enough.  Now, I...

Let Them Help {When You’re Feeling Too Overwhelmed to Cope}

It had been a long couple of months, or a long year really. I started back to work, which required incredibly long hours, time away from my family and adjusting to a new normal...

My Tubal Reversal Story

"Are you sure?" If the doctor and nurses asked me once, they asked me 20 times. "Yes," I replied each and every time. I had never been so confident about a decision in my life....

When Mommy Wines Too Much

I was pulled over. I had too much. I was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI). I’m a mom, who had too much fun one night, but otherwise is responsible.  I thought I...

Pornography and My Son

My son came to my room and asked to talk. He was shaking and pacing and I could tell there was something on his mind. A race of thoughts entered my mind: "What is...

Make Your Camping Meals Extra Delicious

Summer is here, which means grilling and campfires. Healthy and tasty food makes camping and your outdoor adventures more enjoyable and memorable. Try these five food ideas to make your camping meals extra delicious. Grilled...

A Working Mom’s Guide to a Healthy Weight :: 6 Tips for Success

Let's delve into some simple yet effective methods a busy mama can use to achieve healthy weight-loss goals. With these few simple steps, the working mom can start seeing real changes for the better. A...

Corporate Dad Turned Domestic Diva

Like most of you, I was excited to start 2020. Things were going well at work, our oldest’s dance competition season was getting ready to start and one of our sons was going to...

Rock Painting 101

If you know me, you know I LOVE painting rocks, so I thought it might be fun to share my top tips and tools for rock painting! This is an activity that my kids...

A Call to All Moms :: We Need Your Voice

George Floyd's call to his mother should be a call to ALL moms right now. We need your voice with us now more than ever to make a better future for our children. Oh, the...