Catherine Hiles

Cat is a mama to two gorgeous kiddos: Rose (April 2015) and Liam (August 2018). She has lived in the Dayton area since 2007, when she moved from her home in the UK to be with her American husband. During the day, Cat works as the creative manager at Naked Lime Marketing in Kettering. Outside of work, she enjoys winding down by reading, writing, running, lifting weights, and cooking.
how to be a good mom

How to Be a Good Mom

“I’m worried I won’t be a good mom.” That was the start of a conversation I had recently with a coworker, who was getting ready to become a mom for the first time. The closer...

Not So Great Expectations

There are two kinds of expectations: Those society creates, and those you put on yourself. For me, the latter has been my biggest battle since having my second baby five months ago. Society’s unrealistic expectations...
baby formula feeding bottle breastfeeding

I Quit Pumping at 4 Months. Here’s Why.

On January 1 this year, I decided to quit pumping. This wasn’t an easy decision for me to make. It was accompanied by lots of tears, plus feelings of loss and anger. But after the...