Brittney Paxton

Brittney Paxton is passionate about education, advocacy, and empowerment. She aspires to significantly contribute to the enrichment of our communities by fostering acceptance and unity. Brittney hosts an affinity for art, music, trivia, public libraries, nature, and stand-up comedy. She is a member of the Dayton community with her husband, Alexander and son, Bear Paxton (2 years old). We love museums, parks, the car wash, festivals, and identifying industrial grade vehicles while in traffic. The current favorite is the Piqua, blue cement mixer, joyfully identified by Bear as, "The Mixiner". Cement mixers and Dayton bring our family so much joy! Education: Ed.S. Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. Higher Education Administration B.A. Communication; Marketing Certified Human Performance Technologist

National Eat Your Vegetables Day {Recipes for June 17}

Did you know there is a National Eat Your Vegetables Day? Well, there is, and it's tomorrow, June 17! There are many ways to celebrate, from visiting a vegetarian restaurant, supporting your local farmers' markets...

They Said What?! {How to Treat Unsolicited Advice}

"Enjoy it now. They all grow up to be monsters," snarled a random woman at me as I changed my newborn in a public restroom. This hurt my heart more than I would like...

Beauty Abounds {Dayton Guide to Best Salons and Spas}

How does beauty factor into self-care? This is a question I often ask myself as I finesse and scrunch my messy bun each morning. I have concluded that, in fact, yes, it does factor into...

Great Travel Expectations {Five Tips from My Own Experience}

Our family travel this past summer consisted of a road trip with my mom, grandmother, and our 3 year-old. The trip had a few bumps and snags, but overall it was a fun, adventure-filled...

When Trauma Doesn’t Happen To You {Managing Secondary Trauma}

Talking about how we feel is an important ritual in processing our emotions and moving through personal trauma. But what if the trauma you need to process doesn't belong to you? What if it...

Godspeed. Sweet Dreams. {Our Favorite Lullaby}

We all have that song, the one that beckons life to slow down, melts away the outside world, and makes time completely stand still. Godspeed by The Chicks has become one of my most cherished...

A Love Letter to My Plus-Size Mommas

My Dearest Plus-Size Mommas, I love you! You are magical. You may not believe me every day, but you are! And because I know you don't hear it nearly enough, I deeply admire the dedication,...

Car Seat Detailing in a Dash {Things You Need to Get Started}

Part of attacking monstrous tasks is just getting started. Here are some quick tips to car seat detailing, along with the at-home items that make detailing even the worst "car seat casseroles" a nightmare...

A Salute to Aviation History Month

Aviation has shaped the fabric of our lives enabling innovation and sparking the imagination. November is recognized by the Library of Congress as National Aviation History Month, "which is dedicated to exploring, recognizing and...

Dayton Tradition: The Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow {Heart of DMC}

The leaves whip and tumble across the concrete on a brisk evening, the last week of October in Dayton. As I push the stroller down the sidewalk, laugher and excitement can be heard all...

Managing Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

"Is sobbing at a Subby's normal?" I asked my doctor at my postpartum follow-up, as I filled out a questionnaire on postpartum depression. I recalled how my first date night out to the movies was...