Brittany Richards

Brittany Richards is a boy mom, wife, animal mom, and plant mom. Big love for the city of Dayton and taking my kids to explore our town. I run on caffeine, and chaos.

Holiday Management: Let’s Make It Kid-Friendly

Can you believe that we have already reached that time of year? Yes, we are now entering the holiday season! Buckle up, from now until the first of the year is about to fly...

The Truth About Being a Boy Mom

Barbies, bows, braids, and dresses - that is how I envisioned it would be having a little girl. Instead, I get trucks, battles, and bruises - yes, I am a boy mom (of two)....

Parent Shaming {Technology Edition}

Since becoming a mom in 2017, I vowed that I would never shame another parent. Before having kids, I remember when I would go out to dinner and see children on tablets or using...

Am I a Good Mom? {A Reality Check for Moms}

One question that I think a lot of moms ask themselves is, "Am I a good mom?" Who really decides the definition of a good mom anyways? Living in the age of social media,...