Brandi Anderson

Hey, Y’all! My family of 3 moved to Troy, Ohio, after my husband’s job relocation a few years ago. He is originally from Troy (was this really the plan all along?), whereas, I am from the Appalachian region of South Eastern, Kentucky. We have a very energetic 5-year-old, so our world is ever-centered around her, even though she begs for a sibling of the two or four-legged variety on an everyday basis. I come from a family of educators and became one myself many years ago. Teaching is a natural ability that came in handy during the life-changing event of having a child. I also realize that I am much better at working with other people’s children and really prefer someone else to teach mine! I hope to bring a humorous perspective to experiences that women and mothers face daily. Holler if you need me!

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