Ashlee Herbert

My name is Ashlee, and I live in Springboro, OH! I have been a childcare provider for the last 12 years and have slowly started to morph into the marketing and dental field! My wife and I moved to Dayton 8 years ago and have loved it! We are currently on the journey to being Mamas; just not sure how it will be yet!

The Fallout {My Infertility Journey Continued}

To most of my friends, I am the “strong friend.” I am the one people come to when they need a shoulder, ear, or someone to help them work through their problems. I wasn’t...

My Infertility Journey {How Do I Carry On?}

My wife loves to tell the story of our first date. Ten years ago, we were sitting at The Cheesecake Factory laughing and having a good time when we got to the “expectations conversation.”...