Amy Blair

Hello! My name is Amy! I am married to my wonderful husband who works at Target! How awesome is that!?! I have three very beautiful girls. Savannah is my oldest and my artistic one. Lacie is the middle one and is my wild child with the biggest heart. Emma is littlest one who acts and thinks like an adult. I work full time managing a team of escalated help desk associates at a call center. I'm completely addicted to Iced Chai Lattes and Starbucks. I love getting out and about as much as our hectic schedule allows - either exploring new places or revisiting our tried and true favorites!

The Crazy World of Cravings

Ice Cream and pickles. Peanut butter and cottage cheese. Copious amounts of pineapple.  Pregnancy cravings vary from mom to mom and pregnancy to pregnancy. Recently on a date with my husband, we went to a...

Our 2020 Christmas Bucket List {What’s On Yours?}

Christmas lights. Gingerbread. Presents. Movies. Family. Friends. All things we look forward to each holiday season and put on our Christmas bucket list. However, 2020 has been a year of challenges, disappointments, fear and worry....

My Best Friend Is a Monster

My best friend is a monster. Really. She is. I've known her most of my life. Honestly, not sure when I first met her but it's been forever ago. I'm honestly not even sure...

Easy Fall Foods for the Busy Mom {Recipes Included}

Bonfires and hoodies. Apple cider and pumpkin pice lattes. Crunching leaves under our feet. And all the fall foods. I am definitely here for all of it. I love the pumpkin rolls and the sweet...

Love Your Neighbor {We Are #DaytonStrong}

Love you neighbor. It's such a simple statement. Seems so easy. Seems like the right thing to do. Seems like everyone would want to do so. Last year when our community was destroyed by tornados, I...

Keeping Kids In-Style Without Breaking the Bank

Whew! Kids are expensive! Diapers, food, toys, clothes. So many clothes.  It never fails, you finally get enough clothes for your child in the appropriate size for the season, and boom - they grow 3...

Parenting After a Trauma

When we become a parent, the way we see and do things immediately changes. Our first priority is to keep our young ones alive and well. One day, we are spending lazy Sunday mornings...

Curing the Dreaded “I’m Bored” Complaints

Whether working from home (show of hands from those that have had a video conference interrupted by a child), trying to get a week’s worth of laundry folded or simply trying to finish our...

When It Doesn’t Feel Like We Are All in This Together

Friends, I'm trying really hard to be "fluid" during this time of "new normal." I really am. I was flexible when my employer said to work from home. I was flexible when the schools...

Stress Relief for Kids (and Us Parents, Too)!

"I am so stressed out this week! I had that big project due at work and my kid has been sick and of all things, and my basement flooded!" I think we've all said that...

Go Ahead and BRAG!

I will never forget planning for my first baby girl's birthday party. I am very creative and waited for what seemed like forever for this moment. I created a Pinterest board full of amazing...

The Stage of Grief No One Prepares You For

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. These are the five stages of grief. Most people have heard of them. Many more have experienced them. Those that have experienced them may have done so in quick succession...

25 Dayton Area Experiences to Gift this Year

This post is presented in partnership with the businesses featured. We love how many incredible experiences there are to be found in the Gem City! As a momma, I love to see the big smiles...

To the Mom Who Has It All Together

This is to the mom that has it all together: To the mom who drops her kid off with her hair and makeup perfect every morning while I'm still in my pajamas. To the mom who...