Dayton Area Spring Bucket List {Family Favorite Springtime Activities}


A new season is here and it’s time for a new family bucket list. Our family loves bucket lists. We’ve done Christmas bucket lists and summer bucket lists and even fall bucket lists!

Now it’s time for our spring bucket list!


Our family is always busy. And sometimes we get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle and the next thing you know, a season or a time is almost passed and we’ve missed enjoying it as much as we would want. A bucket list helps us stay on track. It doesn’t have to be big or glamourous. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money (most of ours are usually free ideas). And it’s totally ok if you don’t get to all of them.

Here are a few of our bucket list ideas that are pretty specific to the Dayton area! Feel free to save or print the image for yourself if you’d like.

  1. Young’s Jersey Dairy – We love visiting the farm. And in the springtime, you can usually see the baby calves or goats! And it’s always a perfect time for ice cream and cheese curds.
  2. Dance in the rain– It’s finally warmed up out there and dancing in the rain is SO fun! Nothing makes a kid happier than making a big ole splash in a rain puddle. Embrace the messy and plan for it to happen. Bonus idea: Use an umbrella as an Easter basket and gift rain boots. Kids will be so excited and you’ll be prepared for the perfect spring rain dance.
  3. Cox Arboretum – Visit the butterfly house and enjoy the spring flowers!
  4. Visit a new park – We try to hit up as many new parks as we can. We’ve been to so many and still, there are way more to explore even in our area. If you need any ideas of a new park to explore, check out this handy park guide!
  5. Go on a hike – There are so many places in the Dayton area to go hiking. Even small trails in many of the parks are great for families, especially with little ones. Bill Yeck Park in Centerville has great trails (bring boots if it’s a wet spring!) and it connects to an awesome playground (Forest Field Park) – so knock off TWO of your bucket list items in one day!
  6. Plant seeds – My kids love to plant seeds in little planters or in the flower bed. I don’t think we’ve successfully grown anything yet – momma does NOT have a green thumb!  But our girls still love planting the seeds and watering them every day.
  7. Go to Kid Clubhouse – When there have been quite a few days of rainy weather and the kids need to burn off some energy, head on over to Kid Clubhouse and let them just run and play! Take your Starbucks drink or Chipotle lunch with you (they allow outside food in) and a good book and settle into a comfy chair while the kiddos have fun! Mom tip: dDress your kid in something bright so you can easily pick him out of the crowd to make keeping an eye on him easier.
  8. Listen to and watch the birds – There’s just something about the birds in the spring. Their song is just so HAPPY! Take a moment, sit outside with the kiddos and just enjoy.


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