October Is My Spirit Animal


I can’t even begin to describe the warm and fuzzies that fall brings, namely, the month of October. It’s like as soon as October hits, true magic happens. 

My time on this earth began in the month of October. I was born on October 15th, 1988. Saturday. Sweetest Day. 

The connection began with my birth and the celestial destiny I had to be a Libra. My dad was also born in October, and although my dad is now gone, I’ve always held a special Libran bond with him. Just like the balance of the scales that is ingrained in the Libra sun sign, October brings that balance to my life after the “go, go, go” hustle of summer.

It’s when life starts to sloooow down and I remember to take a minute to stop and take in a deep breath, inhale until I smell the hint of dead leaves and bonfire in the crisp air. 

I almost can’t even talk about October without my eyes misting over. My childhood is filled with endless happy memories of Halloween birthday parties, raking enormous piles of leaves and cramming them into huge pumpkin lawn bags, but not before my brother and I had jumped in the piles and buried ourselves in them, smelling their wet earthiness. Trick-Or-Treating ventures, bringing home pillowcases full of candy. Going on haunted trails with my mom and dad and drinking hot chocolate. Seeing endless fields of dead corn in my mid-western bus rides to and from school. The nights that slowly drew in quicker, never a disappointment to me. I’ve always welcomed the end of Daylight Savings Time; welcomed the early dusk that shrouds the evening in blue glow. 

October contains so much of everything good in my life. My husband is also an October baby and a Libra. My youngest daughter as well. There are so many October birthdays in our family that we have to do a whole family birthday get together every year so that everyone can be celebrated. 

October is trips to all the local pumpkin farms with my husband and children, drinking hot, pumpkin spice sweetened coffee in a huge fuzzy sweater on my porch on Sunday mornings, partaking in all the spooky fun of the Halloween holiday,  digging deeper into my love of Pagan rituals, reading about All Hallows’ Eve history, decorating my home to reflect the beauty of Autumn. 

October holds a very special place in my heart that causes a flutter in my stomach and twinkle in my eye.

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Hi, I'm Dusty! I'm a southern Ohio girl, living smack dab in between Cincinnati and Dayton. I'm a wife, mom, stepmom and work full time, so my life feels very busy most of the time! My husband and I have been married since November, 2013. We are parents to all girls! We have 3, so needless to say, he is outnumbered in our little family. I've always enjoyed blogging as a hobby, so I am very excited to be a part of this Dayton Moms Blog! I hope everyone enjoys my thoughts and perspectives on motherhood!


  1. My favorite (and birth) month as well! Also I’ve never met anyone else who is actually ready for the time change… I’ve always relished the darker evenings… and of course the cooler temperatures!

    • I definitely feel like I’m one of the only people who prefers standard time. Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only freak out there. 😉

  2. I love the change in seasons, too! I will admit that October is not my favorite, but I can totally relate with your feelings because I feel the same way about my birthday month! This is such a fun post, thanks for sharing!

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