Why moms are the BEST employees


Why moms make the BEST employees


I have been an employer for a little less than 2 years.  I am the founder of a start-up, and a business owner with my husband (plus we have a non-profit in the works..!!!). Contrary to the popular notion that moms are discriminated against at work, which very well may happen in some settings..I have a very different perspective:

I think moms are hands-down the BEST employees ever. 


If you’re a mama, here’s why you are the best employee

and team member your boss could ever wish for: 


1.) You know how to hustle. Period.

And by hustle, I mean freaking Huuuuuuuussssstle! Nose to the grindstone, you just rock something out with lighting speed all while carrying on a conversation with a client and don’t mind the phone ringing off the hook. You have dealt with the daily scenario of having 10 minutes to get somewhere that is 5 minutes away, with a 6 year old, 2 year-old, and nursing newborn in tow.

2.) You are so much less caddy or judgmental.

I think it’s probably just maturity – and while moms do talk, we love that…you typically let things roll off you more easily.  You know what it’s liked to be judged on the daily, and you just don’t care to spread it. So you keep your mouth shut when it comes to that or just say ‘whatever goes, to each their own.’  It’s not worth creating enemies, because in fact – you may need some help one day when your whole house has the flu – so you don’t create pointless rifts.

3.) You are so strong. Literally. 

Mommy strength is crazy, like literally for our start up…we work with food, and sometimes our bins get really heavy. Every mama in here is like…no no, I got this – it’s not heavy. Hahaha. Must be all the 35lb sleeping toddlers you carry around Target.

4.) You know the value of time.

Your time is at the highest premium ever right now….and, yes that means you are stretched a bit thin. However, a better way to look at it is,  you are laser focused when they are ‘on’ and don’t dilly dally. Then you’re ‘off’ when you’re off. I have found hands down, that moms are more on-time and even early…than those without kids. What’s up with that?? You know the value of time, and when someone is late on you…man they are messing with fire.

5.) You are so much FUN.

Parenting is serious work and it’s exhausting always remind kids to close the door, getting after them to pick up their legos, and generally nagging (in a normal good way…don’t take offense!!!). So when you come into work it’s like ‘Parrrtaaaaaayy time!’ and you’re cracking jokes, enjoying a good laugh with co-workers, and enjoying the company of ADULTS.

6.) Clients love you!  

You are so so real, relatable, and down to earth.  You probably got some child’s bodily fluid on you today so you have plenty of sympathy for the clients you are serving and helping with their own problems. Being relatable builds relationships, and in business…relationships are eve.ry.thing. Euurything.

7.) You do the right thing. 

Something about becoming a parent inherently makes you more honest. So you take care of things as if they were your own. That leads to employees doing the right thing, making it right, going the extra mile…just because. You don’t lie about stuff, you’re upfront about feelings, and you don’t let things fester. You ask for clarification, you over communicate, you don’t assume, and you double check.

6.) You don’t care when anyone cries. 

In a start up, man there are tears – great amazing tears, and tough ones too. But you don’t care, you just tear up with me, and hug. I’ve talked with so many moms who’s tear ducts are permanently open after having kids. The smallest things trigger us. I think hugs and tears are underrated in the workplace!

6.) You have purpose.

This is self-explainatory I know, but having a ‘WHY’ driving what you do everyday cannot be underrated. You have wonderful, sweet, and crazy little ones at home who look up to you and depend on you. YOU inspire them and they will learn so much value from seeing you be a part of a good team doing good work in this world. Keep it up!



While this is a testament to my own staff (who I’m clearly obsessed with), I just think moms are the world’s best employees. Loyal, honest, and real…that’s who I want to represent me and my business. Why would I choose anyone else? 





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  1. These points are spot on and I LOVE your writing style! I feel like we’d be friends except I’m a 51 year old grandma to an adorable 6 mo old (whose mother is also an exceptional writer and stay at home mom).

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