May Dayton Dozen :: Sculpture Search {Kettering}


Add to your calendar the last Saturday of April for International Sculpture Day (#ISDay). Created to raise awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment, IS Day is great incentive to explore your community and find great works where you live. Don’t stop this weekend, though! Continue this sculpture search all through May.

may 2021In my city of Kettering, Ohio, there is a long tradition of sculpture installations. I’ve featured twelve for this month’s Dayton Dozen as inspiration to be a tourist in your own town.

1. Rock Waves by Anno Sieberta 2002

Delco Park
26,000 lb Indiana limestone monolith with rippling waves echoing pond patterns.

Limestone sculpture rock waves

2. Old Man and His Dog, and The Runner by Glenna Goodacre 2007

Lincoln Park Civic Commons
Bronze figures integrated into concrete walls as part of a series by the artist called, Park Place.

Bronze statue old man and his dogBronze statue the runner

3. Monument to 9/11 by John Van Alstine 2002

Lincoln Park Civic Commons
Indiana limestone and painted steel sculpture created to be a solar calendar. The noon sun on September 11 causes the shadow of the stylus to be horizontally and vertically aligned.

Limestone sculpture monument to 9/11

4. Friendship Arch by Tess Little 2011

Wenzler Park
A stainless steel arch and two benches containing the outlines of over 250 community participants.

Stainless steel sculpture friendship arch

5. Inner View by Caroline Ramersdorfer 2002

Rosewood Arts Centre
Indiana limestone geometric cube jutting out from an organic structure with an empty void holding space for the transformation of thought.

Limestone sculpture inner view

6. Whack, Whack, Paddy Whack by Dale Johnson 2002

Kettering Recreational Complex
Ten-foot Indiana limestone creation of a girl, cat and dog balancing on the back of a turtle.

Limestone sculpture whack, whack, paddy whack

7. Untitled by Velislav Minekov 2002

Indian Riffle Park
Egg shaped Indiana limestone creation with stalactite legs and feet inside.

Limestone sculpture untitled

8. Egg by Beth Holyoke and Kathi Seidl 2010

J.F. Kennedy Park
Mosaic tile covered egg of 1500 tiles made by 500 community members.

Mosaic tile egg

9. Nature’s Interplay by Beth Holyoke and Kathi Seidl 2016

Habitat Environmental Center
Incorporating about 120 aluminum tiles created by Kettering City School students. The artists created around the prompts of nature, sustainability, interactivity and functionality.

Aluminum tiled installation nature’s interplay

10. Mutual Homes by Virginia Kistler 2018

Oak Park
Lenticular patterning in stainless steel of Charles F. Kettering, 1912 Cadillac, B-24 bombers and a light system, all connected to DELCO (Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company).

Stainless steel mutual homes

11. Terrestrial Formation by Irma Ortega Perez 2002

Governors Place
A take on urban development with sewer systems as displayed in Indiana limestone.

Limestone sculpture terrestrial formation

12. RTA Bus Stops by Mary Rogero 2007

Throughout Kettering
Welded steel bus shelters with Kettering’s deep ruby coloring. An every day example of art mixed with functionality.

Welded steel bus stops

Read more about these projects and the artists creating them from the Kettering CitySites website. Make sure to share your pictures with us on Instagram during the month of May with #MomsAroundDayton!